Lose It Big

From losing to living

Note To Self

I really should have weighed myself at home when I started this. I am doing what I think will help me drop the pounds to reach my goal. I weighed at lunch yesterday after exercising and it read 163 lbs. That scale is different than the “Official Scale” but, I can use it as a reference. Of course it is even different than the one I use at home in the morning after I shower.  So, as long as I don’t confuse myself and compare apples to oranges, going forward, I should be ok.

Maybe I should have eased myself into this. If I am not busy, I like to eat. I feel hungry at home in the evenings. I am pretty sure it has more to do with what I have gotten myself accustomed to the past four months. I know I am not eating as much as I was so, yes, I am hungry. Over the next few weeks I think the hunger pains will lesson.


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