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Definition of a Drunk

I am on vacation. So a little bit about vacations for me. It means I eat whenever and whatever is available. In the back of my mind I know what are good foods and what are bad but most of the time vacation wins and it doesn’t really matter. Also, drinking has no time requirements. I can start when ever I want. I am on vacation.

Yesterday was rough. We got to our condo and no cleaning service had been here. I called the owner and she said the cleaners would be right there and to still go out and use the pool and enjoy the beach. Problem…It was storming. It wasn’t good. We couldn’t unpack. We couldn’t go out in the rain because we didn’t know if the cleaners were going to be here. So I started drinking…hehe…my poor wife. The owner called while we were eating and said the cleaners were done and they left $25 on the counter and to stay an extra day for free. They were also supposed to leave a parking pass but, they didn’t. Besides no parking pass it was going to get better.

This morning we woke up to sun. 6:45 the boys and I headed out to the beach with the girls still asleep. We came back in at 7:30 to get our swim suits on. This is when I started on my first drink. My plan was to go running before anyone woke up but, since it was sunny we wanted to go to the beach. The kids were hungry and decided to head up for breakfast at about 9. Did I mention I was still drinking? While they were eating I decided to run. I guess at least I am a fit drunk. So, I am a drunk. I am a fit drunk. I am a dumb drunk. I stopped sweating about 3 miles into my run. I guess no water and more alcohol made me dehydrated but, I was running in the sun. I like my phone I didn’t get lost and it told me I ran 5.5 miles in 45 minutes. So, I guess the definition of a drunk, a fit drunk, and a dumb drunk is….me. I am on vacation.

This is me after me run at my 10th floor condo front door.


4 responses to “Definition of a Drunk

  1. Two Moms June 11, 2012 at 8:58 am

    LOL I love it. See I told you there would be sun today. 😉 I have to say – at least you are a fit drunk. I am definately not a fit drunk. But 7am is a bit early – your poor wife!!

  2. Enter, Fitness! June 14, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Hey! You ran on vaca, that’s all that matters! Glad you’re having a great liquid vaca!

  3. L @ Trying Not to be Fat June 16, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Jeeze you sound like me on holiday… lol.

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