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Running with My Wife

I have been slacking on my posts.  Nothing exciting is happening.  So, I will try to make this a quickie.  My tomato plants are growing like crazy.  I will try to get a picture of them.  Some are over 7 feet tall.  A storm usually knocks my tall ones down but, we haven’t had any storms or rain for that matter.  I have been busy making salsa from all of my tomatoes and peppers.  I think I average about a gallon every 4 days.  On Saturday, I went on a run with my wife.  I am a sap but, it was really awesome to run with her.  We actually planned to run a 10K coming up.  My plans never plan out.  Our kids’ 1st soccer and football games are on the same day.  We hope to be able to run some together.  She doesn’t want to slow me down but, I don’t mind.  I like running with her.   It’s a leisure run with a lopsided conversation…I am the only one talking.  She probably hates it.  I did finally get my compression shorts (spandex shorts, whatever they call them now).  I haven’t tried them on a run but they are comfy.  So comfy, I bought a few more to wear as underwear.  I have a pair on now.  I can feel it wicking away the moisture and keeping me dry as I type.   Hehe…I know too much info.


Running with my Phone

I am one of the last people to switch to a “smart” phone.  I have talked about phones before.  I still believe phones should be used as that, as phones.  With that said, I have been relying on my phone to track my runs.  My past few runs my phone’s GPS failed.  One run was logged at something crazy like I was running 9 mph for 40 minutes.  Another said I burned 900 calories.  I knew both of these were false and made me hate my runs.  I was mad at my “smart” phone and it ruined (in my head) good morning runs.  I have been fine without this fancy technology for many, many, many years.  Now I am depending on it to tell me how fast, how long, how far, how many calories, etc.  Does it really matter?  I am doing the same thing I am just not able to see the numbers.   Well, I couldn’t give up on it.  This morning the GPS worked and I ran 6.2 miles in 50 minutes and burned 600 calories.  See…numbers…yeah!

That was enough bashing my phone for now.  I was able to figure out how to load music on my phone.  Now when I start Cardio Trainer my music starts and shuffles thru my songs.  I even get to hear Cardio Trainer tell me my numbers.  WOW, fancy.  Anyway it got me thinking of the different kinds of music I listen too.   Here is a list of my music that I have loaded:

  1. Neil Diamond
  2. Metallica
  3. Kenny Chesney
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Third Day
  6. MercyMe
  7. Miley Cyrus
  8. Zac Brown Band
  9. Eminem
  10. Trick Daddy
  11. Britney Spears
  12. Warren G
  13. Newsboys

Go ahead and make fun of me all you want.

Nothing beats running 6 miles before 5 AM, except running 6 miles behind an old car’s leaky exhaust fumes delivering papers while running side by side to stinky trash containers (trash day is Friday) and listening to music and my phone telling me how fast, how long, and how far.  Today is going to be great.

PS…on a side note many thoughts and prayers to the people in Colorado that wanted to see a movie…mean people suck.

Salsa and More

I have tons of favorite foods.  Salsa happens to be one of them and the hotter the better.  I grow what I consider a salsa garden, which is simply tomatoes and peppers sometimes onions (not this year).  I have grown cilantro but, it is always ready way before my tomatoes so, it’s just as easy to buy it.  It would be smart for me to remember what tomatoes I have grown before and which ones work best but, I never remember.  They all get thrown into a few bags together and I never know which ones came from which plants maybe someday I will get smart (I doubt that). Have a look at the ingredients.  All I need to do is follow one of my hundreds of internet printed recipes that shows me how to make salsa.  Yes, I do have tons of recipes but, I never follow any of them.  I told you I am not smart so, one batch of salsa never tastes like another.


Tomatoes, Serrano peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Onions, Cilantro, and Garlic

Now my complaints about salsa.  It takes me forever to make it. This batch took me 3 hours.

  1.  I first peel the tomatoes by dropping them in boiling water followed by an ice bath.  The skins peel right off.
  2.  Then I cut off the little core/stem thingy and cut them in half.
  3. Next, I squeeze to get most of the seeds and the clear gel stuff out.
  4. After a quick slice, I throw them in a food processor and chop them up.
  5. Then they get put into a pot.
  6. The onions, garlic, peppers, and cilantro get coarsely chopped and thrown into the food processor.
  7. They get added to the pot with the tomatoes.
  8. Simmer until I get too tired of waiting or until it gets to a consistency that I like.  This took me over an hour this time.

Those steps don’t sound like much but it is time consuming, at least for me.  I was able to fill 4 quart size containers from my first batch of this summer.

What do you eat salsa with?  Chips of course.  I rarely eat chips anymore.  So, this is my other complaint about salsa.  This is me being selfish.  I could make it, buy chips, and bring it in to work for everyone.  But why should I waste my time for everyone else’s pleasure?  I told you I am selfish.  I did bring in some chips and salsa for everyone one at work today.

Since I cut back on my chip eating, everything else I eat gets kicked up with salsa.  Salsa instead of salad dressing.  Salsa on my fish and chicken.  Salsa mixed in my couscous (“the food so nice they named it twice”).  Salsa on top of spaghetti squash.  If I ate Captain Crunch, I would top it with salsa.  As you can see I do eat a lot of it but, I miss my chips and salsa.

Something new I needed to try.  I heard about this frozen dessert made from whey protein.  I am trying to eat “cleaner”.  I am not sure If clean is the right word but, less processed stuff, lower bad fat, lower sugar, lower salt, etc.  I am also trying to add more protein and fiber to my daily eats.  So, when I heard about this Arctic Zero, I had to try it out.

Arctic Zero

No Guilt Dessert – At least not from me.


A whole frozen pint is only 150 calories, 14 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and no fat.  Has to taste like a frozen Styrofoam/cardboard box mixture, right?  Actually it was awesome.  I can eat all sorts of stuff and would have been ok with the Styrofoam combo but, this actually could pass for a satisfying ice cream dessert.  It’s a bit expensive at $5.50 a pint but, I won’t eat it every day and I can get 2 servings out of it so, I highly recommend Arctic Zero.

Different Topics

I started my lonely blog as a way to chronologically track my progress  in my Biggest Loser Competition.  On those lines it worked to help keep me motivated.  I mean I was posting half naked pictures of myself for the whole world to see, as if the world cared about my blog.  Anyway, I am done with the competition and I did end up winning $170 which is more than enough to take all of my great followers out to lunch.  Maybe I just made that up and all the money is gone now.  My last weigh-in recorded me at 131 pounds.  I hadn’t seen the 130’s in…actually I was probably in middle school or starting high school and I never weighed myself so, I am not sure I had EVER seen that number.

Using my scale’s fat percentage number as a reference, I went from 22 % to 12 % body fat.  I was doing about 2 hours’ worth of cardio every day and restricting my food intake probably to an unhealthy level but, like I said all along, it’s a competition not a lifestyle change.  During the competition, I learned of healthy lifestyle changes and now I am adjusting my learnings to my everyday health.

Now I have added a weight training to replace one of my cardio trainings.  And since I have a fancy phone I have been able to log my runs using an app called CardioTrainer.  In less than a month I have run over 100 miles.  I have also put on 10 pounds of muscle.

I used this picture earlier. It’s about 2 weeks after the Biggest Loser Competition.

Actually, it’s not 10 pounds of muscle.  It is that I am now hydrated with a little bit of muscle added.  My weight now fluctuates between 142 and 144 pounds at 14-15% body fat.    I think it’s a head thing.  I want to cut weight but, still gain muscle.  I am eating quite a bit of protein to help gain muscle.  I am also taking Creatine, a naturally amino acid found in muscles.  I am not expert on that but it helps give muscles potential to grow.  This supplemented creatine causes extra fluid so; it’s not uncommon to gain 4-6 pounds in a week.

This is what I am doing now.  I am TRYING to eat clean but, I love junk food.  I am also going to try out a 100 pushup challenge with my oldest son.   So, my posts will differ a little by not so much me posting about my weight loss and progress to more of my weird or plain daily life.

One more thing…I ate my first tomato from my garden yesterday.

My Garden

It doesn’t look like this anymore. They plants are about 6 feet now.

Better Day Ahead?

I hope this isn’t a sign.  If so, I should head back home.  This isn’t something I would normally blog about or even talk about but, it happened and why not laughs about it.  I get up early every morning and run.  I also, start drinking coffee before most of normal world is awake.  Running and coffee for me, work synergistically as my body regulator if you know what I mean.  By the time I get to work, I am in need of a visit to my “small office with a door”.  We just moved in to a new building and things are still being tweaked.  As I entered into the bathroom, the motion controlled light came on.  Then I shut my office door and started reading (it’s either read or play on my phone).  Anyway, the lights went OUT.  Yep, I had to do the penguin walk (sorry no pictures of me doing this), blindly fumble to unlock the “office” door and wave my arms so the lights would come back on.  Talk about a show stopper.  This isn’t how I want to start my day but, at least it’s funny.  My first thought was just go home.  My second thought was—-Why not share it with everyone.  I told you I am weird.

Run Drink Walk

First off, I am not a good speller without the internet.  I am on my nook, in bed.  I ran about 5 miles this morning.  I failed at hanging a ceiling fan in my boys’ room.  That made me drink…ever tried some sort of whipped cream topping liquor?  Pretty good…not sure what to mix it with, but a shot was candy like.

Then off to BW’s.  I tried to talk my boys into Hooter’s but, then I checked myfitnesspal…WOW…BW’S is bettet (calorically speaking).  Anyway, two beers and 6 wild wings latter we decided to walk when we got home.

One boy on his bike and one on a scooter, I ended up running more than walking.  Drinking and running!  I thought this was supposed to be only for vacation… But some of my readers are on vacation so, I am calling it ok…Not really!  I need to be better. Even with the beer, I came in under my calories according to myfitnesspal.

This sucks typing on my nook in bed and still a little buzzzzzed.  I need to be better.

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Long Run

Yesterday morning I went on a long run.  Left a note to anyone that wanted to read it that said I will be back in 2 hours.  A big decision I had to make was how to run.  I could stay in a few subdivisions and run a few large circles or I could stay on one road and just run out for an hour and then turn around and run back for an hour.  I don’t trust anyone, especially early morning traffic battling the sun.  That being said, I needed to stick with a road running north and south.  All of this decision making just for a run.  I have a problem.  I ended up running the north-south road.  I had never run it before and wanted to see how far I would get in an hour.  When I started at 6:30 am, it was already 80 degrees and humid.  I did take a bottle of water with me.  I ended up running 45 minutes out.  The way back took me about 55 minutes.  Must have been the wind.  Just kidding.  I was dead tired and slowed way down coming back.  When I was close to being home I slowed to check on my distance.  While I was checking, a lady dressed in short black shorts and a black sports bra passed me.  What better motivation to pick up my speed and follow her (hehe).  At that point I had run 8.5 miles.  I wasn’t stopping until I hit 10 miles.  My normal speed actually caught up to her within a half mile.  I didn’t want to freak her out (some old man with sweat soaked clothes sneaking up from behind) so, I decided to turn and run through a neighborhood.  In the end I ran 10.5 miles in 100 minutes.

I was still able to function completely normal after too.  I did yard work before going to my mom’s to celebrate her birthday.  I meant to get up this morning and run.  I didn’t make my 4:00 am run.  It wasn’t because I was sore and my legs were not tired.  I just lost my motivation this am.  What would you think is better?

  1. Running a two day total miles in one day and skipping a day,   OR
  2. Running everyday


Even during my Biggest Loser Competition I never counted calories.  I thought it would be interesting to finally find out how many calories I consume.  So, my plan for the next month is to track my food using MyFitnessPal.  It’s a pretty neat app for my Android phone and free.  I like the fact I can scan a barcode and all of the info gets pre-loaded.  I am lazy and that helps a ton.  Another thing that helps is my wife is also starting to use it.  Now when we eat dinner, I can copy all of her info.  I would never take the time to measure out serving size but, she does (told you I am lazy).  My breakfast and lunch are pretty easy because they are the same thing every day.  My breakfast is oatmeal with banana crème protein powder and cinnamon.  My lunch  is always a spinach salad, with cottage cheese, tuna, hot sauce or hot peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Soon I will be adding my home grown tomatoes.  For dessert it’s Greek yogurt.  Three snacks in the day.   I have fruit, a protein shake, and some almonds.  That is my standard fare during work.  Now the weekends may get a little complicated but, I will figure it out when that gets here.

Like I said, I never counted calories but I always read the label.  Some of the serving sizes on the label are a bit misleading so when I scan something in myfitnesspal I have to check the serving size.  For instance, my salad dressing is for 2 tablespoons and the bottle has 6 servings in it.  This same bottle I have been using for 3 weeks.  (3 X 5 = 15).  I guess I don’t use 2 tablespoons but, I have plenty of dressing on each salad.  I eat sunflower seeds on my way home from work.  There is a science to putting a handful in the side of your mouth cracking open one at a time and filling up a solo cup with the soggy shell (at least it isn’t chewing tobacco).  Anyway, the label on the bag says it has approximately 3 servings in it.  I am into my 3rd week on the same bag.  Then there are some food labels with serving sizes so small that would starve a mouse trying to feed off of it.  I guess that is the main reason I never really counted calories.

The exercise part of myfitnesspal is decent if you are only trying to figure calories spent from a cardio activity.  I didn’t read all of the directions so; some of this is my fault.  In the initial set up myfitnesspal asked how long I exercise.  This really means cardio exercise.  I lift weights for an hour. I know I have to burn some calories doing that but myfitnesspal didn’t calculate a number for calories spent for that.  That is no big deal.  It was just something that I found. I guess entering it in just helps with the diary.

This morning I had a short run of 3.7 miles in 31 minutes.  I wanted to give my legs a rest because I am going to try to run 10 to 15 miles tomorrow morning.  I am undecided if I want to run straight out on a road for half then turn around for the second half.  My only problem with that is what if I need a drink half-way thru.  I didn’t really want to run in the same circles over and over again.  Decisions, decisions!