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Football Game

Last night I was honored to attend the last preseason football game of the Colts with my daughter.  I am thinking I may need to set up a day to post a topic called “Things My Daughter Says”.  If you mention a football game to me, I am excited.  I don’t care what age or where.  I am in.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the Colts game with me.  She says, “Only if I get to wear my jersey and you have to wear your jersey and we get to see the cheerleaders!”.  That little girl sure can twist my arm hard.  The jerseys were a given but, now I had to make sure to see the cheerleaders.  I conceded.  The things I have to do to make people happy.  We lasted a quarter and then had to go see the cheerleaders.  Now she says “I like them.  They get to wear blue bras and show their belly buttons.”  I think I may be in trouble.

She was looking at cotton candy!

On a side note, I went on a run with my wife Saturday morning.  I wore my spandex shorts (first time in the light).  I asked her if I should wear them as is or with shorts over top at the race.  She told me she thinks that they look more like underwear.  WOW, another thing I have to be thinking about.  I might be that guy running in his underwear while thinking that he is running in spandex running shorts.  That guy is a dork.  She said it because they are black with some white stitching.  The white stitching, she said, made it look like underwear.  I think that fixed my problem.  I am wearing shorts over them for the race.  Now I can move on to something else to worry about.  Will I find the place?  Should I wear a radio? What if I get there too early or too late?  I am not right.


Phone App Vs Watch

First off, thanks to all of my great friends that commented on my race dilemma. Still not exactly sure what I will wear. Hopefully, I will figure it out by September 15 or I may not be wearing anything (ewww!).

I guess my title is an Applications Developer. That means I sit on my keester and peck away on a computer all day. You would think being a computer programmer that I would be a tech geek. I am far from that. Actually I am anti-technology. I wish we could all go back in time before we had all of these things that made our lives “easier”. That isn’t the point here. This is me at work:

Office Space


It’s kind of hard to see but, this is me in my cubicle looking at two monitors (actually I stare out the window). Can you see the little mirror? I like seeing who is walking up behind me so I put a small mirror between the monitors. I also, wear headphones all day. Sometimes with music or sports radio and other times nothing at all. It’s just a way to detour people from trying to have a conversation with me. After writing this, I am realizing I am not a geek I am just plain weird. The picture shows some tweets that just happened to pop in at the same time I took the picture. I guess that brings me around to what I was going to talk about.

I like twitter. I don’t post much. I am a huge football (American) fan so, I follow mostly news people that are tend to talk about football or sports. Now back to my easing into technology. I found out my phone app called CardioTrainer if linked to my twitter will tweet the results of my run. Here it is from this morning:

@kwasson123: just ran 6.5 mi in 50 mins 13 secs on 8/23/12 at 4:16 AM #cardiotrainer

WOW…technology. I am trying. Feel free to follow me @kwasson123.

I am not good at tweeting because I am too long winded or worded (see this post). The main purpose of this post is to ask for some help. Another new (at least to me) piece of technology is a watch that is linked up to a heart rate band thingy. So, after my run this AM, the CardioTrainer logged me at burning 720 Calories but, my watch said 354 Kcal. I am kind of dumb so, I need help from all of you smart people. Which one is right? Here is a little more info about me to help you help me. I am 40 years old and 143 pounds. During my run my heart was beating on average 160 beats per minute (says my watch). I ran for 50 minutes. How many calories did I burn? Should I go with my watch or with the CardioTrainer?

P.S.  I hope my Florida readers are safe and ready for anything that Isaac may bring.


OK. After a few posts dealing with bras and boobs, hopefully I am back to normal (but I have never been normal). I posted about my first 10K race earlier. I am excited about that and also a little nervous. What do I wear? Funny, I am nervous about what to wear to a race. As some know, I run early in the morning before, the sun wakes up. So, my clothes do not really matter. No one can see me and I wanted feel more like a runner so, I have been donning spandex or compression shorts. I would never wear these in public. With these on there is no way of hiding what I don’t have if you get the visual. On top of this, it might be a little chilly at the start of the race (you know things happen in the cold) another negative. However, I have kind of grown to like the support these shorts offer. So, I guess I am asking for some help. Do guys wear spandex shorts at races? Should I swallow what little (hehe) pride I have and wear them because they are comfy and I have been training in them? Should I not look the part as a runner and put basketball shorts over the compression shorts?

Now onto some more exciting news. One of my early, early goals was to run some races. Well it has taken me nine months to get one scheduled. I want to run some races with other people. Sometimes running solo is boring. Not so much the running part but the driving to and from the races and talking about the interesting stuff that happened during the race. For instance when I ran my Half Marathon, I didn’t have anyone to share my experience of running passed the lines of people at the port-o-potties and into the woods to relieve myself. You would have been amazed at everyone I met while in the woods. I guess many of us, men and women, didn’t want to wait in line. I digress, sorry. Anyway, my wife says to me are you going to run the Wine at the Line race with me. Unknown to me she was invited by some of her girlfriends. I told her that I wanted to but I thought it was just the girls. She had told them that I wanted to run that race and they open the invite to me. Supposedly, I am to be their driver. I am in. My plan run fast, drink fast before they get back and then watch them get drink on crushed fermented grapes. Another friend of hers wants us to do the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. No runs for half of the year and now three over the next three months. I am excited. Now the only drawback to this is that we need to find someone to watch our kids. As long as we find a babysitter, I will not have to run solo. I get to run with my wife. See I told you this is exciting.

Sorry for the long winded post with out pictures(BOO!). And please help me out with any suggestions on the shorts thing I mentioned way above.

Boobs or Pecs

I hope this is not going to be a common occurrence.  Two posts in a row that have something to do with an upper body part or its coverings.  By the way I had one of my highest views to date on LoseItBig.  Guys will click on anything if they think it is going to lead to some sort of satisfaction.  I bet they were surprised when they read my post…hehe.  Now back to today’s topic, my boobs.

Last night I was sitting with my daughter and she said “Dad make your boobs pop.”  She is 4 .  I had no idea what she was talking about until my boys told me she wanted to see me do the same thing that Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) does in Journey 2.  If you haven’t seen it, this part of the movie is the best.  The Rock is explaining how to get a girl.  He calls it the Pec Pop of Love.  He proceeds to bounce berries off of his chest.  You have to watch it.

Well I cannot do this.  I am going to show my age now.  Hopefully, some of you know what I am talking about.  I told her I can’t do that with my boobs but I can do what Bowzer does on Sha Na Na.  Sha Na Na had some music type show when I was growing up.  Bowzer was the lead singer that always wore a sleeveless t-shirt.  They would close with Good Night Sweetheart.  Bowzer would hold up his arm like he was flexing his bicep and turn his hand and wrist back and forth.  This made his bicep move.  I couldn’t find an original clip but, I guess he still does it for an audience.

So, I lifted my sleeve and sang the song.  My bicep actually works when I tried it.  My daughter loved it and didn’t want me to stop.  The boys came over to watch me make a fool of myself and they were even impressed.  Once I was done singing she says to me, “Dad are you sure you can’t make your boobs pop?” 

I guess I have a new goal or challenge.  Who wants to throw a berry?  They will not stop until you feed them.


Just because I care and I get all sorts of emails, I thought I would share my knowledge or lack of with you.  I received this email from BlueMile.  BlueMile is a runners’/walkers’ store.  They just happen to be having a bra sale this weekend.  Anyway, I don’t really need a bra but they did pass along some info whether you agree or disagree this is what they along with Moving Comfort said:

Just like your shoes, it’s important for women to take special care of her bras, as the properties that provide support and comfort deteriorate over time. The average life of your sports bra is about 6-12 months, depending on care and amount of use. Here are a few tips for caring for your sports bras from our friends at Moving Comfort:

While sports bras are machine washable, these guidelines will give your sports bra a longer life:

• Fasten the hooks before tossing them in the machine

• Hang dry. Dryers wear down the fabric and moisture management properties

• If you do use the dryer, do not use fabric softeners or sheets

• A sports bra should be replaced every 6-12 months. If you can’t read the care label anymore, it’s time for an update

At BlueMile, we specialize in helping women of all shapes and sizes find the right bra, and we believe we have a size for just about everyone! Hope to see you this weekend!

Now some questions or observations from a guy.  Do sports bras really have hooks?  I use liquid fabric softener.  Should I not use that when I wash them (but they smell so good)?   Only 6 months?  I have clothes (socks and underwear included) that are older than 10 years.  I just thought I would pass this along to you.  I am not right but, in my defense, I have never claimed to be.

Tatum’s Bags of Fun

One of my goals was to start running races.  I finally signed up for one.  I chose the 10K Bull Run.  This race is kind of special to me.  I have a niece who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4 in February 2011.  While in the hospital she received a bag of goodies from Tatum’s Bags of Fun.  Tatum herself is a cancer survivor (twice).  She was given a Bag of Fun and has decided to pay it forward.  Lump in my throat and why are things blurry…I am such a sap.  I have a bracelet I still wear for her.  You may be able to see it in some of my photos.  They tried to remove it when I had surgery (I won that battle not coming off).  Anyway this bag that my niece received filled her days in the hospital with joy and happiness and something to take her mind off of why she was there.  The Bull Run supports Tatum’s Bags of Fun.  I saw the excitement that the bag brought to my niece as well as her parents (my brother).  So, it’s a perfect fit to run as long as I don’t flippin cry the whole time.  Money and toys shouldn’t have to play a part in life changing events like this so, I try to do what I can.  My brother won’t take money directly from me so, some things I had to do an anonymously.  Last year I sponsored a hole for a golf outing.  He figured it was me after he saw all of the cousin’s names (his nieces and nephews) listed as the hole sponsor.  No company sponsor on that hole…just family.   My niece is doing great.  Still going through treatments but is handling better than I would.

Now the bad thing or good.  My kids start soccer and football on the same day as this race.  The race starts at 8:00 am.  My hope is the games will start after 10:00.  That means I HAVE to be done running in less than an hour and get to the kids’ games.  It’s about a 45 minute drive to the race.

Whim Decision

Last night my wife and I were feeling depressed because the kids have to go back to school next week.  Where did the time go this summer?  On a whim, we booked a hotel and planned a last minute vacation.  This is so not us.  We usually sit and plan and shop and talk ourselves out of things like this.  This weekend we are going to Kings Island for 2 days.  Kings Island is an amusement park about 130 miles from our house.  Which also happens to be the number of miles I ran in July (132 miles).  Do you think they would want to run or take the van?

I have had 2 runs while wearing my compression shorts.  I guess I was kind of hoping this look would give me the look of a runner.  I am not sure if I would pass for a runner or a bicyclist.  My intentions were to wear the shorts under other shorts.  But as someone pointed out to me, I run in the dark so who would see the skin tight shorts anyway.  So, one less article of clothing I have to wash.  Also, it kind of gives me that sexy/naughty feeling.  Not that I look all that sexy in them it’s just something I would not be caught wearing in public (doesn’t leave much to the imagination…hehe).

Last night, I was out getting some peppers and tomatoes, imagine that.  My oldest son came out to swing for a bit so, I had him take a picture of me.  I am short 5’6” but, look how much taller a couple of tomato plants are compared to me.  I said in a post they were 7 feet but, they might be pushing 8 feet.  They even have tomatoes growing at height of my head.  Very amazing!

Notice the height compared to my barn’s roof.