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Different Eats

Another day off of work, yeah. I could get used to this. I was supposed to clean the garage Friday but, I didn’t do that until today. Now I have to wait for the Heating and Air guys to come and work on my heater. They were supposed to be here the first thing in the morning, grrr. I guess their mornings are different than mine. I hate waiting but, now you get to see what is up with me.

A co-worker of my wife told her that she was going to do a Totally Fit Life program and wanted to know if she wanted to join with her. The meetings conflicted with my wife’s schedule but, said she would look into it. Upon discussing this with me and her co-worker she decided she would follow along with her but, not attend class. The good news is I get the benefits as well. I get to try a new eating plan and hopefully my wife will get bitten by the health bug. She is healthy but, sometimes we have a few too many cheat meals. When cheat meals become the main meals I don’t think they can be called cheating anymore.

We decided to start this Sunday. I was hoping for one last cheat meal of pizza. As a couple it’s easier to change our food together and since I told her I would do this with her, no more pizza. Well the first 10 days of this is called boot camp. We have to exercise everyday and they prefer it to be done early morning on an empty stomach. No problem for me this fits my schedule most days. The food part is going to be a bit tricky for me. No sugar, no alcohol, mostly water, and low glycemic foods. I am not used to measuring foods using their glycymic index. To make this easier for me, I will problem just stick to my chicken, eggs, and fish. Then for the other “good” foods I will eat whatever my wife says is ok to eat according to the guidelines. She took a lot of measurements of herself and we both weighed in Sunday. My weight, gulp is 155 pounds. I took some measurements a couple of months ago so I will just stick with those.

On a side note I wrote up a small little leg routine that I did with my oldest son.  I am going to whip him into shape.  The workout consisted of wall squats, lunges, planks, calf raises, alternate leg raises and some jumping jacks.  I felt some burn while doing it.  Nothing to bad.  I just hope he was able to walk today.


Fun Friday

I am off of work today.  One of the things I like about being off is I don’t have to be in a hurry to do everything.  For example I have already worked out and showered but, I am in no hurry to get dressed.  No one is around to scare so, here I am donning a towel and posting about my Friday.

As mentioned, I worked out this morning.  I am in a Kettlebell Bootcamp that meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Saturdays are also open).  The session I am in starts at 5:15 am.  So, even though I am off work, I still get up bright and early.  If I were more camera talented, I would have taken a picture of the workout on the board or maybe even me trying to do the workout but, all you get from me is a list of the workout.

  1. Warm Up
    • Get-ups 1R/1L
    • Push ups(10)
  2. Stations (5 minutes each)
    • Pull Ups(5) or Ring Rows(10) – you go I go with a buddy
    • Double Kettlebell Squats(5) – you go I go with a buddy
    • Weighted Alt Leg Raises(30) or whatever you can get in 40 seconds rest for 20 seconds
    • Jump Rope – 40 seconds on 20 seconds off
  3. Finisher (21 reps first set, 15 reps second set, 9 reps last set)
    • Presses
    • Burpees

After that, I decided to run about a mile around the gym while the next Kettlebell Session was warming up.  Since I am off work, what the heck..DO IT ALL AGAIN!  So, I did it a second time.   I like being off work.  Now on to my honey do list which includes shopping for my 14th wedding anniversary gift for my wife.  Any suggestions?  Then I need to clean the garage.  Fun Fun!

Deck Workout

I wish I had some pictures but, I had a blast doing the “Hit the Deck” workout I saw on A Two Storey Home.  As Catherine described, it was a workout from Bob  Harper on the Biggest Loser.  So, I asked my oldest boy to try it with me.  We decided diamonds would be jumping jacks, hearts would be push-ups, spades would be squats, and clubs would be crunches.  We made it through the deck in about 30 minutes.  My other two kids were upset they didn’t start with us.  So, I got to do it again.  Thanks to Catherine I was able to bond with my kids and I had fun.

Bad Workout

Normally I wouldn’t blog about this but, oh well let’s do it.  I had a bad work out this am.  I was ok doing battling ropes but totally went to blah during the next station of sleds.  I felt fine and even wanted to add weight to the sled, because I have done more weight.  After two rounds of the sled I was hurting.  I was exhausted.  I am 41 and haven’t felt like this before (minus the three a days football practices in high school).  It isn’t that I am new to this workout.   I have been at home with my sick kids this week.  Maybe I am getting sick but, I refuse to get sick.  I am jinxing myself but, I honestly do not remember the last time I was sick (and no it’s not because I am old and forget).  Today, I did take a pre workout of Jack3D.  I have taken pre-workouts before but not Jack3D.  I just wanted to see if it does make a difference I follow a blogger that really loves Jack3D.  I am not going to blame my bad workout on that or my kids being sick…I am fine now and will keep trying the Jack3d to see what happens tomorrow.  I am saying it was just a bad day.  Actually, if you follow me at all you know I am a creature of habit.  I have been off all week.  Maybe it is that I am out of my normal routine.

New Clothes

On purpose I hold on to my vacation days for work to use when the kids are sick.  This year the kids were pretty healthy and I had a ton of time left to take off.  So, I took this week off but, wouldn’t you know I had 2 sick kids.  That’s what I use PTO for, right?  All of those items listed on the honey do list just stayed on the list.  I did get to go out for a run today.  For Christmas I got some colder weather running clothes.  How bad am I, about a month later I finally get to try them out.   It’s 30 degrees so it isn’t that cold but cold enough.  I kind of like running with less clothes than more clothes.  After 4.5 miles and about 15 different pictures and adjusting the self timer camera in a dead flower-pot I was able to take this great (not true it’s me)  picture of my new clothes.

Winter Running

Winter Running

The kids are feeling fine now and I guess I have to start on the honey do list.  At least after this post and then after a shower, I may have to see what’s on TV…I procrastinate…I am on vacation, sort of.

Vanilla Latte

I just finished my first week of the second session of kettlebells.  I thought they were going to take it easy and introduce it to the new members but, I was wrong.  I actually think they are trying to scare them away.  All of the workouts were non-stop, drenching wet, cardio, core training.  I loved it.

Here is a question for anyone caring to answer…

Has anyone else tried protein powder in their morning coffee?

I have and like it.  It’s my form of a healthy vanilla latte.  My wife thinks it is totally disgusting.  I pretty much eat anything so, it is not disgusting to me.

Looking Back and Going Forward

I was thinking nothing really happened last year.  Then I thought I did start this blog.  I went back through and realized that I did do something last year.  I started this blog in February (wow almost a year).  This was just a way to keep track of my attempt to lose weight for a competition at work.  Since it was a weight loss blog I had to swallow my pride and post some half naked secret photos of myself.  The first ones are scary but, I stuck with it and faithfully posted pictures about every week or so.

Starting 169.9 Pounds

Starting 169.9 Pounds


Finish 131 Pounds

Finish 131 Pounds

I learned that eating clean and healthy actually made me feel better.  Towards the end of the year I also learned that I really love food and sometimes bad food outweighed the way good food made me feel.  I learned my normal day to day weight isn’t 130 pounds where I finished nor is it 170 pounds where I started.  It is somewhere in-between.  I am at 150 pounds right now.  I am not really happy about it but, I am not going to kill myself for it either.

I set some goals to run some races.  I ran 3 races last year with my best one a 10 K that I finished in 45:40.  I ran 2 other shorter runs with my wife and that was fun as well but, not as competitive.

Fun Run

Fun Run

I also, started lifting weights more and actually have fallen in love with Kettlebell Training.  I started this in December and I have just started a new session today.

Now going into 2013, I will continue with my Kettlebells.   Being in my early 40’s, I plan on staying a little stricter on my food.  If I did in my 20’s what I do now in my 40’s, I may have been cute with a great body.  Now I just have to try harder.  A goal that I have started is to read my Bible every day.  I have tried this before but, I am a slow reader and sometimes I just don’t understand the language. So, I am doing our church’s One-Year New Testament Challenge in 2013.  It should be shorter reading on a daily basis and I can look up stuff that I don’t understand.  I will do this one.  I am still running every day and plan to run a few more races and may even try to do one of those cross training, mudder, ultimate warrior type of a race.

I also plan to update something on here once a week or so.  Hopefully something fun and exciting things will happen for me to write about.

Cheers to a great year in 2013.

2012 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

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