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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring Break

After the 9 inches and counting of snow we are getting here in Indiana, I am ready to head to Florida.  What I am not ready for is the 15 to 16 hour drive with three kids.  Anyone want to guess how long into the trip the question of “Are we there yet?” gets asked?  Like father like kids, their attention span is pretty much non-existent.  I just hope that staying with my in-laws in their small condo won’t dampen my our vacation.  Normally, my ideal location in Florida would be a place right on the beach.  To get to a beach we will have to drive about an hour.   With kids at various ages, I like the freedom of hanging out at the beach but if they get bored we can go back to the condo or pool.  We will not have that luxury but, we WILL still have fun.

Another thing I will miss is the local restaurants, the ones on the beach that have fun names and stores where you can buy shirts. I hope to drive to one at least once or twice.  I guess the positive thing about that is that I might actually force myself to eat close to normal most of the time.

The retirement community, where we will be, does have a nice exercise room.  I am not sure I will have access to it since I will be a guest but, I hope I can use it.  I know I will need some time away so, hopefully, it’s the gym and some running.

Whatever happens I get to sport my new swimsuit.  It’s a good thing the suit is not the speedo bikini type.  I am not sure the retired people would be ok with that but, everyone needs a good laugh and why not laugh at me?


Workout 13.1

Since The Open of the CrossFit games started last week our coach decided he wanted to use their Workout 13.1 on us.  It was slightly modified to incorporate the use of Kettlebells.

Workout 13.1
17 minute AMRAP of:
40 Burpees
20R/20L Snatch,  25 lbs.
30 Burpees
20R/20L Snatch, 35 lbs.
20 Burpees
20R/20L Snatch, 55 lbs.
10 Burpees
Max rep Snatch, 70 lbs.

In the 17 minutes, I was able to get all the way through the 55 lbs. Snatch.  I guess I would have failed the CrossFit 2013 number one workout.   Anyone with me that Burpees are not very fun?

We ended with 5 minutes of Cleans and Presses then 5 minutes of Abs.


My schedule has been changed again. Today, is usually my cardio day during lunch. Since I ran about 5 miles yesterday, I will be ok with missing my Monday elliptical session. My number two kid is sick and we decided it to be best he stay home and rest. I drew the short straw and get to be his slave for the day. But speaking of kids, I went shopping for a swim suit over the weekend. After browsing in the Men’s Department at the over priced swim trunks, I decided to look in the Boys’ section.

I have always hated being small. Through high school, I was never taller than 5’6″ and never more than 140 pounds. I NEVER used it as an excuse it was more of a motivation, especially, playing sports. I was blessed with over average skills and a love for playing sports.  With the motivation of being the small guy, I was able to compete at a high level (as far as high school goes). Probably, even better was that when I went to college and played in the recreational leagues, more times than not, I would get the worst player guarding me. By the end of the game I would be matched with one of the other teams best players.

I digress, this is the happy part about being small. I was able to fit in a boys size XL swim suit. The prices are a lot cheaper and there was a bigger selection. Score one for the small old 41-year-old wearing boys sized clothes.

Swim Suit from Boys' section

Swim Suit from Boys’ section

Short but Intense

A couple of weeks ago I posted about being bummed when school was canceled or on a delay resulting in a cancelled kettlebell class.  Fast forward to today at 4:30, I woke to 4 inches of snow.  The good news is I hadn’t received any messages about school being closed or delayed.  So, yippee, no being bummed today right?   As I pulled into the parking lot there were a few other cars there.  As I was grabbing my water and towel, some of the cars started to leave then my phone started ringing.  Grrrr…School was delayed.  We have been told that when school is on a delay or is cancelled we would not have our Bootcamp.  Then I saw our coach in the door of the school.  He said since he was there we could come in and workout.  I am Happy, Happy, Happy (anyone knows who says that).  I ran out and told the people that were still hanging out that we could go in.  Only six of us there but, I got a workout in.  It was a relatively easy one.

Two Density Circuits (12 minutes each)

  1. Heavy Bench Press alternated  with Heavy Squats – 5 reps each
  2. Pull Ups alternated  with Dead Lifts – 5 reps each

One Arm Snatch (4 minutes) – 20 seconds right, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds left
Abs (4 minutes) – 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest

It was a short one but somewhat intense.  I can feel it now so, it must have done something.  I am just glad I was able to get it in this morning.

Banana + Eggs = Pancakes (huh?)

That is what I first said after talking to my workout buddy.  We were thinking of going to a pancake house after our Saturday workout when I mentioned the oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes.  He said he likes those but, when he is pressed on time he goes for banana and eggs.  That isn’t what comes into my mind when I think of pancakes but, I will try anything once or five times.  This was easy to make you simply smash one banana completely.  Then you add 3 eggs.  I threw in some cinnamon too.  You mix those all together and then pour a small amount into a hot pan.  Let it set for a couple of minutes and then flip.  My first try I didn’t let it set long enough or the pan wasn’t hot enough.  I should have taken pictures of these but, I kind of ate them while I cooked them…whoops.  I am not good with pictures.  Who would have thought eggs and bananas together could make some sort of yummy, bready texture thing that can be eaten like pancakes?  One of these days I am going to save some pancakes and use them as a bun to make a chicken or fish sandwich.  Have a good week everyone.

Dead Lifts

This morning’s workout was going great until my coach saw me doing my dead lifts.  He told me I was rounding my back.  I need to keep my chest up, shoulders back and keep my back straight or I would hurt my lower back.  I thought I was doing that so, I concentrated on doing what he said and BAM! There went my lower back.  I have always had problems with my lower back.  I can’t even sleep  in my Sleep Number Bed without waking up with my back hurting but, my nights sleeping on the couch is fine…go figure.  On a side note my wife probably likes I am not sleeping with her.  I wandered off topic.  I do not doubt my form for my dead lifts were bad but, I think I concentrate on my core to protect my back.  When I switched to try to concentrate on other things the coach told me, I guess I forgot to protect my back.  So, now I am trying to keep my back from stiffening up.  That is hard to do when I sit in front of my computer all day.  I have a Thermacare HeatWrap on now and keep getting up to stretch.  I hope it won’t keep me from working out.

I follow a lot of blogs that show pictures of some awesome food.  I always say I am going to try to make it but, I rarely do.  Why?   I really hate cleaning up.  I have no problem making stuff.  I like to cook but, I just really don’t like cleaning dishes especially when there are dishes in the drying rack already.  I go to the extreme on this.  I try not to take the last bit of leftovers in the fridge.  Why?  Because if I take the last bit I will have to wash the dish that it was being stored in.  See, I am bad.   But if I get my wife to make something, I am totally devouring it.  I even help make it.  Brings me to what we made over the weekend.  She made pancakes.  We are trying to eat better – no sugar, no white flour, no white bread, the bad white stuff yada, yada, yada.  These pancakes were from a pin on Pinterest…she is becoming an addict.  I can’t remember the recipe exactly but it was something like:

  • 1 C – rolled oats
  • 1 C – fat free cottage cheese
  • 6 – egg whites
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon

Put those in a blender and blend until smooth.

Wow.  I wanted to use these as buns for my chicken breasts or my tilapia fillets.  I ended up putting peanut butter on them and eating them that way.  I was totally shocked at how much they really tasted like pancakes.  I wanted to add some protein powder to it but found out these were already high in protein with some good fiber to boot.  My next post might be exactly what I eat every day.  Hint…no pancakes.  I am pretty boring.