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I started my lonely blog as a way to chronologically track my progress  in my Biggest Loser Competition.  On those lines it worked to help keep me motivated.  I mean I was posting half naked pictures of myself for the whole world to see, as if the world cared about my blog.  Anyway, I am done with the competition and I did end up winning $170 which is more than enough to take all of my great followers out to lunch.  Maybe I just made that up and all the money is gone now.  My last weigh-in recorded me at 131 pounds.  I hadn’t seen the 130’s in…actually I was probably in middle school or starting high school and I never weighed myself so, I am not sure I had EVER seen that number.

Using my scale’s fat percentage number as a reference, I went from 22 % to 12 % body fat.  I was doing about 2 hours’ worth of cardio every day and restricting my food intake probably to an unhealthy level but, like I said all along, it’s a competition not a lifestyle change.  During the competition, I learned of healthy lifestyle changes and now I am adjusting my learnings to my everyday health.

Now I have added a weight training to replace one of my cardio trainings.  And since I have a fancy phone I have been able to log my runs using an app called CardioTrainer.  In less than a month I have run over 100 miles.  I have also put on 10 pounds of muscle.

I used this picture earlier. It’s about 2 weeks after the Biggest Loser Competition.

Actually, it’s not 10 pounds of muscle.  It is that I am now hydrated with a little bit of muscle added.  My weight now fluctuates between 142 and 144 pounds at 14-15% body fat.    I think it’s a head thing.  I want to cut weight but, still gain muscle.  I am eating quite a bit of protein to help gain muscle.  I am also taking Creatine, a naturally amino acid found in muscles.  I am not expert on that but it helps give muscles potential to grow.  This supplemented creatine causes extra fluid so; it’s not uncommon to gain 4-6 pounds in a week.

This is what I am doing now.  I am TRYING to eat clean but, I love junk food.  I am also going to try out a 100 pushup challenge with my oldest son.   So, my posts will differ a little by not so much me posting about my weight loss and progress to more of my weird or plain daily life.

One more thing…I ate my first tomato from my garden yesterday.

My Garden

It doesn’t look like this anymore. They plants are about 6 feet now.


Final – 131.0 LBS

I am done with my work’s Biggest Loser Competition.  The results are in.  I won the men’s most percent loss at 22.76 %.  That equates to a 38.6 pound loss over a 3 month period.  I am impressed.  It’s one of those things I knew I wanted to try and thought I could do it and I did.  I said back on day one that my goal was to be the winner of the biggest percentage.  I was going up against some bigger people so my thought is that I don’t have as many pounds as they have to lose.  I did end up coming in 3rd with the total number of pounds lost.  I have been neglecting posting my progress pictures but I took one Friday morning.

I will post a few more times about my struggles and my plans and update my progress page but, I wanted to get this out there before I forget.  I know this last weigh in was a lot of water loss but, don’t scold me.  This was a competition so my goal this past week was a low number and I think 131.0 pounds is pretty low.

Home     131.0 pounds
Official    131.0 pounds

Tricks used last week:
1. Insanity (still)
2. No Cheating (still)
3. No Adding Salt – I am a saltoholic. (still)
4. Shorts – as opposed to jeans (still)

New Ones:

  1. Watermelon (2 lbs) and Asparagus (2 lbs) only on Thursday – supposed to be diuretic
  2. Light T-shirt (no collared shirt)
  3. Commando – talking about weird showing up at work with no underwear, but then again…never mind that is for another blog.
  4. Exercised the morning of weigh in.  I ran 4 miles at 4 am.  Told you I am weird.

And by the way…Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom out here.

Week 10 – 141.4 Pounds

I have been neglecting my blog family. I am trying to figure out what to blame it on but, I can only blame myself. I just have not been active out here in blog land. I don’t even have any pictures for your laughter.

I was not happy with this weigh in. I am getting closer to the end and I had a slight edge in the weight loss percentage. I only managed to drop 0.6 pounds (can I even use an‘s’ on pound). I know a loss is a loss but, this is a competition and a small loss will not get me a win. That brings my total loss to 28.2 pounds. I have a week and a half left. All tricks will be used.

Tricks used last week:
1. Insanity (still)
2. No Cheating (still)
3. No Adding Salt – I am a saltoholic. (Even my almonds were salt free)
4. No T-shirt under my Polo shirt

I will continue the above tricks and add a few more for the next 2 weigh-ins. Next week we have 2 weigh-ins, Monday and Friday.

Hint: Commando in shorts

Week 9 – 142.0 Pounds

I was totally shocked at the weigh in this morning. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. I can see the finish line of this competition and I know I can win. I told my wife I am all in. I said I was going to make drastic changes just to get that win. One change I made was I started Insanity along with my regular runs of 3-5 miles a day. I am one week into it and I guess it has paid off. I am at 142 pounds. That is 4.4 pounds down from last week. I cut out cheating for this last stretch. Up until this post, I would cheat by eating any of those great snacks my kids have – some jelly beans, chocolates, marshmallows, etc. I could list more. I wouldn’t eat much but, I wouldn’t stop myself from stealing a bite or five. I still think the scales might be a bit touchy.

Changes last week:
1. Insanity
2. No Cheating

Official – 142.0 lbs
Home (naked) – 139.0 lbs

I have a few more changes for next week. Hopefully, the number still goes down. I hope I don’t resort to cutting off limbs. I wonder what a pinky weighs.

I got a late jump taking these pictures. I took them after dinner tonight instead of right after work.

Week 8 – 146.4 Pounds

I am not sure how I got off of my week numbers.  I am sure no one else noticed.  I am 2/3 done with my competition. So, far I have lost a total of 23.2 pounds.  It has been really hard making me behave and not cheat.  I guess my will power is pretty strong.  This is not a diet this is a competition.  But from this competition, I have learned what it takes to live a healthy way.  After I am done with the competition, I will continue to eat healthy.  Not to the extreme that will cause my wife to kill me like the past couple of months.  I will allow myself to go out and eat.  I would love some chicken wings and pizza.  Here are my weigh in numbers for this morning:

Official – 146.4 lbs
Home (sans clothes) – 143.5 lbs

I really need to mark a spot on my floor so I know exactly where to stand for the pictures.  Amateur photographer.  I am going to try to get to 30 pounds before this competition is over.

P.S. I need to figure out how to weigh in at the office like I weigh in at home.  Anyone have any suggestions?  HAHA.


Week 6 -147.6 Pounds

I can’t believe the number. I was complaining about not having chances to exercise over the long weekend and I still managed to lose. Maybe not exercising made me focus more on eating correctly. When I first started this competition 6 weeks ago, I told my co-worker I am hoping to get closer to the 100 pound mark than the 200 pound mark. I hit it this week. Small goals. Another goal I wanted was to be able to keep the big weight of the scale on the 100 pound mark not the 150 pound mark. I am talking about the old scales that have the 2 different balancing weights that they use in the doctor’s office. At least I think they still use them. I am happy. I thought it was going to be good when I weighed 146.5 lbs post shower au naturel. I weighed in at the office at 147.6 lbs. I even tried to smile. I am just too ugly to smile.

Home – 146.5 lbs
Official – 147.6 lbs

Week 5 -153.8 LBS

This was a good week. I still think it was a faulty scale read last week but, it all averages out. I lost 3.4 pounds. That isn’t what my home weight measurement showed. At home, I measured losing a pound from last week. I think that kind of confirms the official weigh-in being a little messed up last week. I am happy about it. I have started doing some weight exercises along with some cardio. I also, read an article by the famous Dr. Oz about 7-Keto. Being older I have found I can’t eat what I used to. I went into GNC and they explained to me that 7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA. DHEA helps to retard the effects of aging and promotes enhanced longevity, exerting a multitude of effects through its conversion to some 150 metabolites, 7-Keto being one, each with unique actions within the body. DHEA raises testosterone levels where as, 7-Keto does not. 7-Keto is the metabolite of DHEA that helps burn fat and increases immunity. I am taking one pill of 25 mg of DHEA because GNC did not have 7-Keto. When I run out of DHEA, I will buy 7-Keto. The increase of testosterone from DHEA may feed any unknown tumors I may have. After a week I haven’t felt any different. But here are my numbers.

Home – 152.5 lbs
Official – 153.8 lbs
Lunch – 152.5 lbs

One Third In the Books – 157.2 LBS

Today was a disappointing weigh-in day. I knew I would hit a plateau at some point or points during this but I guess I was hoping that I wouldn’t see it. I have been trying really hard to behave and eat right and exercise daily. I can do better in the eating right department. I have been snacking on jelly beans not a lot but I guess it doesn’t take much. I also have been hitting the jar of nuts a little too much. Nuts do have their benefits and are a healthy snack but, eating too much of anything can be bad. I can get better at that. I also read an article about fasting one day a week (they actually said Thursday). Supposedly, this helps retrain the body to burn stored energy. I was actually impressed I managed to not consume anything on Wednesday. So, I thought I was heading for a decent week for my weight. By the way I still think I had a bad scale reading. My official weight was 157.2 pounds. Down 0.4 pounds but, when I weighed myself at home naked, after the shower, I was 1.5 pounds lighter than my previous post shower weight.

Home – 153.5 lbs
Official – 157.2 lbs
Lunch – 155.5 lbs

Up until this point I have been running every day. The past two weeks 4 miles per day. I figured as soon as I hit a plateau, I would change my exercise. I am going to add 3 days of high intensity total body weight lifting along with 4 days of running. My plan is to try this for one or two weeks and adjust accordingly. I am really bummed for only registering the 0.4 pound loss. Man I wish I could eat a pizza. Until Next week…shooting for 2 pounds!

Three Weeks – 157.6 LBS

I never got around to putting anything up last week but, I made a note of my numbers. No picture last week but, I will have some up with the numbers this week.

Home – 155 pounds
Official – 157.6 pounds

A total of 12 pounds lost since the beginning.

One Week Down 163 LBS

Well we had our first weigh-in.  I am happy with what I lost.  I dropped 6.6 pounds.  I know this won’t and shouldn’t be the norm.  I am shooting for around 2 pounds a week.  I have a feeling this week will be hard.  My first weight was a bit inflated.  I ate and drank a lot before weighing in. Here are my numbers for this week.  I am adding a number for my scales I use at home. 

Home – 159.5 lbs
Official – 163 lbs   
Lunch – 160.5 lbs. 

I was able to run 6 out of 7 nights about 3 miles per night but, I only body weight exercised 2 times.

I was a little slow to get this post up.  I weighed myself at lunch today, Wednesday 2/29/2012 and it was 159.5