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I have really been slacking on my blog.  I probably have no readers left.  I have no excuses.  So, here is the past few months in a couple of pictures.





I Survived

I need to keep this as positive as I can because in the end I did have a great time in Florida on Spring Break.  This will probably be a little long winded so, I apologize upfront.

What a drive!  We left Indiana at 7:00 am with the Garmin saying the hotel was just 10.5 hours away.  That is perfect we picked a hotel with an indoor pool and free breakfast.  We should arrive between 5 pm and 6 pm, right?  I forgot I have 3 kids and the spring break traffic down I-65 S and I-75 S is crazy.  Bathroom breaks averaged 30 minutes.   I have no clue why we can’t just get out use the bathroom and get back on the road.  On the road if you were not going 80 MPH at some spots you would get run over.  Then in other spots we would be at a dead stop for no visible reason.  If we could just drive at 60 MPH constantly it would work out better.  With that said we didn’t get to the hotel until after 9:00 pm.   Since the heated indoor pool and hot tub was open 24 hours a day, this hotel turned into a big hit with the kids.  Then they were able to wake up and make their own waffles.  Only 5 hours left to final destination.  Whoops, I forgot kids and traffic again (7 hours).

We are staying at my in-laws 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in a retirement community.  My mother-in-law (MIL) has it set up for the kids to stay in the extra bedroom, 2 on blow up mattresses and one on a love seat.  This room also will serve as where all 5 of us will live out of our suitcase.  My MIL is great but, she is also very opinionated and sees things only her way.  I know we didn’t have to stay here but, it was nice to be able to have a place to stay for free.  Keeping us all in this small bedroom was a way to keep the other areas of her condo status quo.  My wife and I were supposed to have the pull out bed in the front room.  Everything in the condo has a place.  No drinks on counters, tables, sink, etc.  without a napkin or coaster under it.  Wipe down the shower.  Don’t leave anything out.  I need a little more freedom.   No fighting, yelling, bickering…haha.  Have you not met your grand kids?

First thing I did after unpacking the van is open a beer.   Yep, I drink and eat bad food…I am on vacation.  The kids wanted to go to the pool and the first thing I was told was that no alcohol was allowed.  So, I threw three extra beers in the pool bag and headed to the pool with everyone, including my MIL with all her knitting accessories.   This was the start of not being able to do much with only my wife and kids.

Like I said in an earlier post and a brief mention here is that I like to eat while on vacation.  After dinner, I was hoping to find a place to eat but, no my MIL had other plans.  It was planned for us to have tacos.  I had a taco and remained hungry the rest of the night.  She also, was upset that the kids didn’t eat all of it.  My kids are hit or miss with eating.  Sometimes they shock us with how much they eat but, most of the time we know they won’t eat much.  So, we had to sit for a formal dinner at a table that really was NOT meant to host 7 people.

I know I am an early to bed; early to rise kind of person but, that kind of goes with a working schedule which has me up at 4:00 am every morning.  My in-laws on the other hand have their set TV schedule and recorded shows that they watch each night and like to stay up late.  I was hoping we could kind of meet in the middle but, why would I think that?  The condo has 2 TV’s.  One TV is in the extra bedroom (with the 2 blow up mattresses, love seat, suitcase and dirty clothes) and the other is in the front room.  As my wife and I laid down on the pull out bed to try to sleep, I found out that the TV doesn’t shut off until around midnight.  They even drink coffee while watching, talking, and reading the paper at night.  I think that was my last night in the front room.  It wasn’t like I was going to have any private moments so; I figured my wife could share the bed with one or 2 of the kids while I stayed in the extra bedroom on an air mattress.

Another night my kids got in trouble for trying to change the front room’s television.  How were they supposed to know that grandma was recording two shows to watch later that night?  So, I got to hang out in our 10X10 foot room with three kids, two air mattresses, love seat, suitcase and dirty clothes pile and watch Austin and Alley and Phineas and Ferb for a few hours.

In the condo there was no privacy.  It seemed to me my MIL had to make sure we weren’t doing anything we were not supposed to.  With the mattresses on the floor of the bedroom we couldn’t shut the door.  The bedroom was right next to the bathroom.  Why did my MIL insist on trying to have a conversation with my wife while she was doing her hair and I was trying to change in the bedroom? Every day?

I think you get the stressful living quarters but, it was only me that it bothered.  The kids and wife were ok with it.  We were able to do a couple of things without our chaperones.  We visited Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale and then went to Clear Water Beach.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand and the cold water.

With our chaperones we went to Apollo Beach to see saw some manatees.  At least we had someone to take a picture of us.  We also went to Busch Gardens with the grandparents.



Another day, since it was raining, we went to see Oz The Great and Powerful.  Since we were out unsupervised, I wanted to find a restaurant but, was told we were to have chicken at the condo.  I cried! In the end her parents met us out at a restaurant they recommended.  It was horrible.

This post was taken from the negative part of the trip.  We actually had a ton of fun.  I could have written this post from the positive perspective but, that would have been longer than this post.  We learned quite a bit on this trip.  Don’t believe the arrival time of the Garmin and sometimes spending on our own condo is well worth the money spent.

Almost makes the kids look like they like each other.

Almost makes the kids look like they like each other.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Weight Consequences

I am watching a show on HBO called The Weight of the Nation.  Very eye opening.  I am not going to try to summarize it, but it is worth watching the series.  It explains it doesn’t take much to have other health problems if we are overweight.  Episode 2 has tips to solve this problem.  I am not sure if I should get off my couch and exercise or watch the next episode.

I posted this from my phone and then I read it a little later on my computer.  I am not quite sure it will read the way I wanted it to.  All along I have said I try to exercise and eat healthy for the sole purpose of looking good naked.  After watching the first episode it opened my eyes.  It isn’t all about looking good but, it is making my body healthy for the long haul.  This show is giving me more motivation than the resulting numbers on a scale or tape will show.


Making Excuses

For the handful of helpful followers I have, you have and will kind of know more about me that you probably want to.  No secrets left behind but, we are all family (in a weird way) so I hope it doesn’t bother you too much.  My main goal for eating healthy and exercising is not really to extend my days here on this earth but, to look good naked.  I know selfish, right?  I just want be able to look good when the family heads to the beach or maybe when my wife looks at me when I get in or out of the shower (I don’t think she even looks now).  I really have no clue what that has to do with this post.  I guess I just wanted to share.

I kind of love this time of year.  Football is in full swing from high school, to college, and to NFL.  The thing I do not like is the colder weather.   I have taken pride for the past few months starting in March I have been getting up at 4:00 am to run.  Yes it was 40 degrees when I started then but, I had been used to the colder winter weather.  Now it is 40 degrees but, I have been used to the warmer summer weather.  Going from hot to cold makes the cold feel colder and lately my bed feels warmer at 4:00.  My alarm goes off and I have the outdoor temperature flashing on my ceiling.  I am kind of weird about time and weather.  I like having clocks everywhere and I am always checking on the weather.  Bad for me!  When 37 degrees is flashing it’s really hard for me to get up and go running.  I even have my clothes laid out.  Don’t laugh…I have some Capri type thermal pants.  Yes they are women’s.  I am short and guys’ thermals or tights are baggy in the crotch and don’t fit right.   Those are worn under a pair of jogging pants.  Then I put on a couple of layers for my top.  I have a hat and gloves right there in the pile.  I just can’t wake my lazy butt up.  It has been over a week since I have run.  I guess I am waiting for my Indian Summer.  I guess that is my excuse but, next week is when I start my Kettlebell Bootcamp.  My baseline picture and measurements later this week may be a bit comical.  No more excuses.   I forgot to mention staying up too late watching football and tailgating all day on Sundays.  My boys went to the Colts game with me yesterday.

My two boys tailgating at the Indianapolis Colts game.


Time to start trying to help myself look good naked (I may need a mask and another body…it is Halloween time).


OK. After a few posts dealing with bras and boobs, hopefully I am back to normal (but I have never been normal). I posted about my first 10K race earlier. I am excited about that and also a little nervous. What do I wear? Funny, I am nervous about what to wear to a race. As some know, I run early in the morning before, the sun wakes up. So, my clothes do not really matter. No one can see me and I wanted feel more like a runner so, I have been donning spandex or compression shorts. I would never wear these in public. With these on there is no way of hiding what I don’t have if you get the visual. On top of this, it might be a little chilly at the start of the race (you know things happen in the cold) another negative. However, I have kind of grown to like the support these shorts offer. So, I guess I am asking for some help. Do guys wear spandex shorts at races? Should I swallow what little (hehe) pride I have and wear them because they are comfy and I have been training in them? Should I not look the part as a runner and put basketball shorts over the compression shorts?

Now onto some more exciting news. One of my early, early goals was to run some races. Well it has taken me nine months to get one scheduled. I want to run some races with other people. Sometimes running solo is boring. Not so much the running part but the driving to and from the races and talking about the interesting stuff that happened during the race. For instance when I ran my Half Marathon, I didn’t have anyone to share my experience of running passed the lines of people at the port-o-potties and into the woods to relieve myself. You would have been amazed at everyone I met while in the woods. I guess many of us, men and women, didn’t want to wait in line. I digress, sorry. Anyway, my wife says to me are you going to run the Wine at the Line race with me. Unknown to me she was invited by some of her girlfriends. I told her that I wanted to but I thought it was just the girls. She had told them that I wanted to run that race and they open the invite to me. Supposedly, I am to be their driver. I am in. My plan run fast, drink fast before they get back and then watch them get drink on crushed fermented grapes. Another friend of hers wants us to do the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving. No runs for half of the year and now three over the next three months. I am excited. Now the only drawback to this is that we need to find someone to watch our kids. As long as we find a babysitter, I will not have to run solo. I get to run with my wife. See I told you this is exciting.

Sorry for the long winded post with out pictures(BOO!). And please help me out with any suggestions on the shorts thing I mentioned way above.

Boobs or Pecs

I hope this is not going to be a common occurrence.  Two posts in a row that have something to do with an upper body part or its coverings.  By the way I had one of my highest views to date on LoseItBig.  Guys will click on anything if they think it is going to lead to some sort of satisfaction.  I bet they were surprised when they read my post…hehe.  Now back to today’s topic, my boobs.

Last night I was sitting with my daughter and she said “Dad make your boobs pop.”  She is 4 .  I had no idea what she was talking about until my boys told me she wanted to see me do the same thing that Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) does in Journey 2.  If you haven’t seen it, this part of the movie is the best.  The Rock is explaining how to get a girl.  He calls it the Pec Pop of Love.  He proceeds to bounce berries off of his chest.  You have to watch it.

Well I cannot do this.  I am going to show my age now.  Hopefully, some of you know what I am talking about.  I told her I can’t do that with my boobs but I can do what Bowzer does on Sha Na Na.  Sha Na Na had some music type show when I was growing up.  Bowzer was the lead singer that always wore a sleeveless t-shirt.  They would close with Good Night Sweetheart.  Bowzer would hold up his arm like he was flexing his bicep and turn his hand and wrist back and forth.  This made his bicep move.  I couldn’t find an original clip but, I guess he still does it for an audience.

So, I lifted my sleeve and sang the song.  My bicep actually works when I tried it.  My daughter loved it and didn’t want me to stop.  The boys came over to watch me make a fool of myself and they were even impressed.  Once I was done singing she says to me, “Dad are you sure you can’t make your boobs pop?” 

I guess I have a new goal or challenge.  Who wants to throw a berry?  They will not stop until you feed them.

Better Day Ahead?

I hope this isn’t a sign.  If so, I should head back home.  This isn’t something I would normally blog about or even talk about but, it happened and why not laughs about it.  I get up early every morning and run.  I also, start drinking coffee before most of normal world is awake.  Running and coffee for me, work synergistically as my body regulator if you know what I mean.  By the time I get to work, I am in need of a visit to my “small office with a door”.  We just moved in to a new building and things are still being tweaked.  As I entered into the bathroom, the motion controlled light came on.  Then I shut my office door and started reading (it’s either read or play on my phone).  Anyway, the lights went OUT.  Yep, I had to do the penguin walk (sorry no pictures of me doing this), blindly fumble to unlock the “office” door and wave my arms so the lights would come back on.  Talk about a show stopper.  This isn’t how I want to start my day but, at least it’s funny.  My first thought was just go home.  My second thought was—-Why not share it with everyone.  I told you I am weird.

Run Drink Walk

First off, I am not a good speller without the internet.  I am on my nook, in bed.  I ran about 5 miles this morning.  I failed at hanging a ceiling fan in my boys’ room.  That made me drink…ever tried some sort of whipped cream topping liquor?  Pretty good…not sure what to mix it with, but a shot was candy like.

Then off to BW’s.  I tried to talk my boys into Hooter’s but, then I checked myfitnesspal…WOW…BW’S is bettet (calorically speaking).  Anyway, two beers and 6 wild wings latter we decided to walk when we got home.

One boy on his bike and one on a scooter, I ended up running more than walking.  Drinking and running!  I thought this was supposed to be only for vacation… But some of my readers are on vacation so, I am calling it ok…Not really!  I need to be better. Even with the beer, I came in under my calories according to myfitnesspal.

This sucks typing on my nook in bed and still a little buzzzzzed.  I need to be better.

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Long Run

Yesterday morning I went on a long run.  Left a note to anyone that wanted to read it that said I will be back in 2 hours.  A big decision I had to make was how to run.  I could stay in a few subdivisions and run a few large circles or I could stay on one road and just run out for an hour and then turn around and run back for an hour.  I don’t trust anyone, especially early morning traffic battling the sun.  That being said, I needed to stick with a road running north and south.  All of this decision making just for a run.  I have a problem.  I ended up running the north-south road.  I had never run it before and wanted to see how far I would get in an hour.  When I started at 6:30 am, it was already 80 degrees and humid.  I did take a bottle of water with me.  I ended up running 45 minutes out.  The way back took me about 55 minutes.  Must have been the wind.  Just kidding.  I was dead tired and slowed way down coming back.  When I was close to being home I slowed to check on my distance.  While I was checking, a lady dressed in short black shorts and a black sports bra passed me.  What better motivation to pick up my speed and follow her (hehe).  At that point I had run 8.5 miles.  I wasn’t stopping until I hit 10 miles.  My normal speed actually caught up to her within a half mile.  I didn’t want to freak her out (some old man with sweat soaked clothes sneaking up from behind) so, I decided to turn and run through a neighborhood.  In the end I ran 10.5 miles in 100 minutes.

I was still able to function completely normal after too.  I did yard work before going to my mom’s to celebrate her birthday.  I meant to get up this morning and run.  I didn’t make my 4:00 am run.  It wasn’t because I was sore and my legs were not tired.  I just lost my motivation this am.  What would you think is better?

  1. Running a two day total miles in one day and skipping a day,   OR
  2. Running everyday