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WordPress Notifications

Another quick post. What can I say, I just like quickies. I am relatively new at this smartphone stuff but, I guess I am getting addicted to it (just put it away on dates!). I recently updated my WordPress app. I am not sure if it’s a new feature or if I have my push notification turned on but, whatever it is, I like it. Now, by a little icon on my phone, I know immediately when I get a comment, a response, a like, or a new follower, etc. It doesn’t take me much to get excited so, beware it may end up with a quick response. Just another way this blogging thing makes me feel like everyone is my extended family. Thanks for all that read and put up with me. Just know I will be chatting back with you in almost real time.



It doesn’t take long to get addicted to this blogosphere stuff.  I thought getting a workout in was challenging during the day with work, family, kids, baseball, cub scouts, football, gymnastics, homework, etc.  Now I am addicted to blogs.  I love seeing what everyone is doing.  I like the little tips on how people are able to meet their goals with a busy life like mine.  I like to show people I am hitting my goals along with everyone’s help here.  This is how bad it has gotten.  I sit at work with my personal email open.  When someone I follow posts something, I get notified.  I immediately go and read it.  If I can relate to the topic I give my 2 cents worth of a worthless comment.  I know it is weird but it is kind of like knowing and caring for a ton of people I don’t really know.  While I am there I have to check out my stats, of course I want everyone to stop by, enlighten me, encourage me, and even bash me (I’m a big boy I can handle it).  I want to post something on my blog but, sometimes I run out of time.  I am walking a thin line on blogging during work time and that is a no no.  So, I really need an intervention to stop me before I get fired.  I guess then I would have all sort of time to do this but, I doubt my wife would like that.  So, I am going to try to ease off watching my personal emails come in.  I am going to try to get caught up at night when my family sleeps.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for being with me.  I love you all!  And a good night.  That was my rock star ending.  Did I mention that I am weird?