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Making Time by Prioritizing Time

I am in the middle of a great series at church.  What makes my pastor an awesome pastor is how he can apply the words of the bible to everyday life.  The series is called Becoming…What got you here won’t get you there.  It makes perfect sense if you are in a rut.  The main point or tag line is “If you want to go somewhere you have never been before you must become someone you have never been before”.  I write this because he is describing me of about a year ago.  I was trying to be fit and eat right but, nothing I was doing was working.  I needed to change who I was.  For instance, I don’t like sitting at my desk.  So, for my lunch I would go and walk on a treadmill.  I “worked out” mostly everyday but, nothing was happening. I needed to work out to make myself better, not just because I hate sitting.  So, my intensity increased, my body changed, and I became addicted to working out and now have added morning workouts (I made time…workouts to me are more important than sleeping in).

I have always said the only way to have time is to make time.  On my way out of church we were discussing a book the pastor referenced.  It is about habits and how you form them.  Someone said that they had the book and that I could borrow it.  I said I didn’t have time to read it and I am happy with my habits right now.  I thought about what I said.  It’s not that I don’t have time.  It is the other things I do with my time I feel are more important than reading that book.  Right now I am happy with my family, my life, and my habits.  So, this book, although probably very interesting, held low priority in my time budget.  The owner of the book could not believe I didn’t have time.  I went thru my day with her and asked her what I should give up to spend time reading.  Workouts?  Work? Weekly/Daily yardwork?  Kids sport camps? Time with my wife and kids? Daily New Testament reading? My fun read (I am reading Happy, Happy Happy…a Duck Dynasty book)? Eating? Or Sleeping?  I am sure she didn’t get anything I was saying but, reading the habit book at this part of my life just wasn’t a priority.

I kind of branched off the path about the church series Becoming.  I used habits about a year ago to become a fitter person that I wanted to be.  The pastor also mentioned to use tools to help you become someone you have never been before.  Coaches were the tool he said to use.  WOW…he really was talking about me.  Not only did I change my habits but, I also have great Fit Coaches that helped me become a fitter person.

I just thought I would share this series at church that I have already lived but had no idea I was living.

I do like this quote:

“If you want to go somewhere you have never been before you must become someone you have never been before”


Ouch My Back

I have been staying on par with my exercising, UNTIL, Monday.  I kind of went to the extreme during my biggest loser competition in the fact that I forced myself not to cheat with my food intake.  I am still exercising twice a day but, I let myself cheat with some self-control.  I guess I have become addicted and really want to see if I can stay “fit”.  That being said, I woke up Monday morning and ran for about 45 minutes.  When I was finished I started washing the dishes.  My back decided it had enough of me and wanted to quit working.  I haven’t had the healthiest back but, in time it starts feeling better.  I just figured to help my back, I needed a stronger core.  Well I bunked that myth.  My core, abs and even my back are the strongest, fittest, and lightest they have ever been.  I iced it multiple times yesterday took some of those NSIAD’s and tried to rest.  I just can’t handle sitting in my house.  So I went out and pushed my daughter on the swing.  The swing set is right next to my garden.  I always have a camera in my pocket now.  I had to take pictures, right?  Then I went in and played WI Bowling with my other kids.


My back still hates me.  Now it’s two days with no Insanity.  I still tell myself I am going to do it tonight.  I will at least try to get some weight lifting in at lunch.  Please, back…back off!!!!