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Spartan Race

A couple of weekends ago I played in the mud without getting into trouble.  I ran the Indiana Spartan Race.  This race was about 5 miles of trail running with 20 plus obstacles.  The obstacles ranged from jumping over walls to crawling under walls, to belly crawling in slippery mud under barbed wire to climbing a cargo net ladder pyramid.  Flipping tires, pulling cinder blocks on a chain, carrying a 30 pound sandbag were a few other obstacles.  I also, had to rope climb to a bell about 30 feet in the air.  If we failed any obstacle we had to do 30 burpees.  It wasn’t about getting the fastest time but, more of pushing myself and being a team player.  This was one the best races I have ever been part of.  As you can imagine the clean-up was a bit of a chore.  First as you might see I was the lone male on my team.  Getting dressed back at the car was a bit nerve racking but, I figured if they have seen one, they have seen them all, right?  It was a blast we hung out at the car and had a few drinks and talked about the race.  We plan on doing more of these.

20140426_171159SandZone3FireZone011 tongue trail3


Also, as a week passed I noticed scrapes and bruises.  Here is a good one under my arm.



Looking Back and Going Forward

I was thinking nothing really happened last year.  Then I thought I did start this blog.  I went back through and realized that I did do something last year.  I started this blog in February (wow almost a year).  This was just a way to keep track of my attempt to lose weight for a competition at work.  Since it was a weight loss blog I had to swallow my pride and post some half naked secret photos of myself.  The first ones are scary but, I stuck with it and faithfully posted pictures about every week or so.

Starting 169.9 Pounds

Starting 169.9 Pounds


Finish 131 Pounds

Finish 131 Pounds

I learned that eating clean and healthy actually made me feel better.  Towards the end of the year I also learned that I really love food and sometimes bad food outweighed the way good food made me feel.  I learned my normal day to day weight isn’t 130 pounds where I finished nor is it 170 pounds where I started.  It is somewhere in-between.  I am at 150 pounds right now.  I am not really happy about it but, I am not going to kill myself for it either.

I set some goals to run some races.  I ran 3 races last year with my best one a 10 K that I finished in 45:40.  I ran 2 other shorter runs with my wife and that was fun as well but, not as competitive.

Fun Run

Fun Run

I also, started lifting weights more and actually have fallen in love with Kettlebell Training.  I started this in December and I have just started a new session today.

Now going into 2013, I will continue with my Kettlebells.   Being in my early 40’s, I plan on staying a little stricter on my food.  If I did in my 20’s what I do now in my 40’s, I may have been cute with a great body.  Now I just have to try harder.  A goal that I have started is to read my Bible every day.  I have tried this before but, I am a slow reader and sometimes I just don’t understand the language. So, I am doing our church’s One-Year New Testament Challenge in 2013.  It should be shorter reading on a daily basis and I can look up stuff that I don’t understand.  I will do this one.  I am still running every day and plan to run a few more races and may even try to do one of those cross training, mudder, ultimate warrior type of a race.

I also plan to update something on here once a week or so.  Hopefully something fun and exciting things will happen for me to write about.

Cheers to a great year in 2013.

About Time

Finally, I have my beginning and ending pictures up. WOW! I was plump in the beginning. You can check out my progress chart and the pictures on my Progress page.

At the start of the contest I always thought I would be able to win the percentage part of the competition. I didn’t think I would have to hit 22% loss. My numbers at the end were a bit deceiving. Like I said I had some tricks I was planning on using at the end. I noticed most of the people were working out right before weighing in. They also wore shorts for their weigh-in. I followed my workout schedule of working out at night before the weigh-in. I also wore jeans, golf shirt, t-shirt, underwear, socks, phone and wallet in pocket. The last week I practically went bare. I wore shorts, practically holey socks, light t-shirt, no wallet or phone, and no underwear. Then on the last weigh-in I worked out before weighing in. I figured this would make up quite a bit of difference compared to everyone else. They had been doing that all along.

I was dehydrated for my last weigh-in. A week later I am at 138 pounds. I am back on track now.

I am not planning on losing any more weight. I will take a weight loss but, that isn’t my new goal. I have added some heavy lifting as opposed to running 4-6 miles daily. I like running so, I will still run 2-3 times a week. I am also, half way into Insanity and I plan on doing that every day. Insanity is quite a bit of cardio and I wanted to add more heavy strength training to see what that would do.

I am still addicted to the blog thing so, I will update it with any progress or lack of progress I make. This blog may just turn out to be about stupid things I do. Maybe you can give me some suggestions or dares to have me do. I will take pictures and we can all have a few minutes of laughter from my stupidity.

            Beginning             Ending
Start Front 169.6 pounds
Start Back 169.6 pounds

Final – 131.0 LBS

I am done with my work’s Biggest Loser Competition.  The results are in.  I won the men’s most percent loss at 22.76 %.  That equates to a 38.6 pound loss over a 3 month period.  I am impressed.  It’s one of those things I knew I wanted to try and thought I could do it and I did.  I said back on day one that my goal was to be the winner of the biggest percentage.  I was going up against some bigger people so my thought is that I don’t have as many pounds as they have to lose.  I did end up coming in 3rd with the total number of pounds lost.  I have been neglecting posting my progress pictures but I took one Friday morning.

I will post a few more times about my struggles and my plans and update my progress page but, I wanted to get this out there before I forget.  I know this last weigh in was a lot of water loss but, don’t scold me.  This was a competition so my goal this past week was a low number and I think 131.0 pounds is pretty low.

Home     131.0 pounds
Official    131.0 pounds

Tricks used last week:
1. Insanity (still)
2. No Cheating (still)
3. No Adding Salt – I am a saltoholic. (still)
4. Shorts – as opposed to jeans (still)

New Ones:

  1. Watermelon (2 lbs) and Asparagus (2 lbs) only on Thursday – supposed to be diuretic
  2. Light T-shirt (no collared shirt)
  3. Commando – talking about weird showing up at work with no underwear, but then again…never mind that is for another blog.
  4. Exercised the morning of weigh in.  I ran 4 miles at 4 am.  Told you I am weird.

And by the way…Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom out here.

Week 11 – 137.8 LBS

I am on the back stretch of my competition.  I can see the finish line.  My final weigh-in is on Friday within days I can count on one hand.  On Monday, I posted a 3.6 pound loss.  I am getting beat in the total pounds lost but, I have a firm grip on the percentage lost.  I am at 18.75%.  That is a little more than 2% better than my next competitor.  I keep goals in my head.  Rarely, do I write them or talk about them but, I have set a goal of 20% by Friday.  It’s going to be tough but, so has the past 3 months.  Once again, I am pictureless.  I figured with the last weigh-in less than a week I would wait until Friday to take the picture.

Home     135.5 pounds
Official    137.8 pounds

I know that losing 3 – 4 pounds isn’t really the healthy thing to try to achieve in a week but, this is a competition.  What I have learned going to the extreme is something that I can easily apply to maintain a weight that I feel comfortable with.  I plan on blogging about everything that I did or actually didn’t do during this 3 month experiment.

Tricks used last week:
1. Insanity (still)
2. No Cheating (still)
3. No Adding Salt – I am a saltoholic. (Still)
4. Shorts – as opposed to jeans

I have a few more tricks for my last weigh in.  I know you can’t wait to hear about them.  HAHA.

Week 8 – 146.4 Pounds

I am not sure how I got off of my week numbers.  I am sure no one else noticed.  I am 2/3 done with my competition. So, far I have lost a total of 23.2 pounds.  It has been really hard making me behave and not cheat.  I guess my will power is pretty strong.  This is not a diet this is a competition.  But from this competition, I have learned what it takes to live a healthy way.  After I am done with the competition, I will continue to eat healthy.  Not to the extreme that will cause my wife to kill me like the past couple of months.  I will allow myself to go out and eat.  I would love some chicken wings and pizza.  Here are my weigh in numbers for this morning:

Official – 146.4 lbs
Home (sans clothes) – 143.5 lbs

I really need to mark a spot on my floor so I know exactly where to stand for the pictures.  Amateur photographer.  I am going to try to get to 30 pounds before this competition is over.

P.S. I need to figure out how to weigh in at the office like I weigh in at home.  Anyone have any suggestions?  HAHA.


Week 6 -147.6 Pounds

I can’t believe the number. I was complaining about not having chances to exercise over the long weekend and I still managed to lose. Maybe not exercising made me focus more on eating correctly. When I first started this competition 6 weeks ago, I told my co-worker I am hoping to get closer to the 100 pound mark than the 200 pound mark. I hit it this week. Small goals. Another goal I wanted was to be able to keep the big weight of the scale on the 100 pound mark not the 150 pound mark. I am talking about the old scales that have the 2 different balancing weights that they use in the doctor’s office. At least I think they still use them. I am happy. I thought it was going to be good when I weighed 146.5 lbs post shower au naturel. I weighed in at the office at 147.6 lbs. I even tried to smile. I am just too ugly to smile.

Home – 146.5 lbs
Official – 147.6 lbs

Halfway There – 151.2 LBS

I am halfway done with my competition. I have just recently gotten into this blog thing. It is pretty neat to see that most of the people that are switching to a healthier lifestyle have the same bumps and bruises. I wish I would have measured more things than just weight. I think there will come point that my weight will stay the same (fingers crosses) but, other areas will continue to improve. Although I never measured my waist, I have had to move my belt holes 2 spots today. Maybe it’s because the shirt I have tucked in is thinner or maybe my belt is stretching. I am definitely one notch smaller. I started this on February 20, 2012 at 169.6 pounds. Now I am at….drum roll please….151.2 pounds. That is 18.4 pounds in 6 weeks. I think my wife hates me for it. She says it’s easy for guys to lose weight. I know I have had to work pretty hard for it and sacrificed a lot of eating out too. That’s another reason my wife hates me. We haven’t gone out like we used to. It’s not that I haven’t gone out. We used to go out Friday and Saturday nights and then possibly to a yogurt place or something like that on Sunday. To be honest she has been great and is a big supporter.

I know goals are good to have but, I never really set any up. My goal when I started was to win money by having the most percentage weight loss. I am somewhere around 10%. I think I am in 2nd place. Now, I am going to shift to making some goals. I even listed some on some comments I made on some of the blogs I read.

  1. No Alcohol – (yard work isn’t as much fun anymore)
  2. Drink Water and Green Tea
  3. No Binge Snacking (at night)
  4. Continue a Fast Day
  5. Cardio 5-7 days
  6. Strength 3 days
  7. Find a good banana protein shake

I just noticed how messy this room is. I have kids. Sometimes cleaning up toys in the basement gets pushed way down on my to do list.