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This will be a back to back post.  Two days in a row is a record for me.  It got me to thinking of a question.  What actually motivates me to run?

  1. I am stuck in front of my desk all day.  I have to get up and move.
  2. I know it has to be burning some calories.
  3. Surely, it makes me healthier.
  4. Sometimes it helps me think.
  5. Sometimes it helps me NOT think.
  6. I don’t want to go to lunch and eat “good” but, unhealthy food.
  7. I like to run in the fun runs that serve beer, wine, chocolate, foam, or mud.
  8. Most importantly, I am going to the beach in a month.  The sun is out and I am very pale.  I run to soak up some rays.

What motivates you to run?


Spartan Race

A couple of weekends ago I played in the mud without getting into trouble.  I ran the Indiana Spartan Race.  This race was about 5 miles of trail running with 20 plus obstacles.  The obstacles ranged from jumping over walls to crawling under walls, to belly crawling in slippery mud under barbed wire to climbing a cargo net ladder pyramid.  Flipping tires, pulling cinder blocks on a chain, carrying a 30 pound sandbag were a few other obstacles.  I also, had to rope climb to a bell about 30 feet in the air.  If we failed any obstacle we had to do 30 burpees.  It wasn’t about getting the fastest time but, more of pushing myself and being a team player.  This was one the best races I have ever been part of.  As you can imagine the clean-up was a bit of a chore.  First as you might see I was the lone male on my team.  Getting dressed back at the car was a bit nerve racking but, I figured if they have seen one, they have seen them all, right?  It was a blast we hung out at the car and had a few drinks and talked about the race.  We plan on doing more of these.

20140426_171159SandZone3FireZone011 tongue trail3


Also, as a week passed I noticed scrapes and bruises.  Here is a good one under my arm.


Snatches Ladder

First, I an doing this quick post on my phone so, please bear with the errors.  Yesterday’s workout was a “Breathing Ladder”.  After every set you are to take the same number of breaths as the amount of reps just completed.  So, one snatch, one breath.  Then two snatches, two breaths.  Then three snatches, three breaths.  Get the picture?  We went up the ladder 1 to 20.  Then came back down 20 to 1.  We were told 400 snatches.  I used a 35 pound kettlebells.  What I found out was you really need hand protection.  I have never worn any and proud of my callous palms.  Tough workout and I have this for a prize…


New Clothes

On purpose I hold on to my vacation days for work to use when the kids are sick.  This year the kids were pretty healthy and I had a ton of time left to take off.  So, I took this week off but, wouldn’t you know I had 2 sick kids.  That’s what I use PTO for, right?  All of those items listed on the honey do list just stayed on the list.  I did get to go out for a run today.  For Christmas I got some colder weather running clothes.  How bad am I, about a month later I finally get to try them out.   It’s 30 degrees so it isn’t that cold but cold enough.  I kind of like running with less clothes than more clothes.  After 4.5 miles and about 15 different pictures and adjusting the self timer camera in a dead flower-pot I was able to take this great (not true it’s me)  picture of my new clothes.

Winter Running

Winter Running

The kids are feeling fine now and I guess I have to start on the honey do list.  At least after this post and then after a shower, I may have to see what’s on TV…I procrastinate…I am on vacation, sort of.

Morning Run

I still have not been able to sleep through the night due to my back.  Instead of crying about it at 4 this morning, I got up, stretched, threw some clothes on, and ran.  I am not sure what happens when I run but my back feels ok.  Maybe it’s the weird chemicals that make everything go numb.  When I finished running, I was hoping my back was better but, NOPE.  I am typing this at work sitting in my chair on my butt with my feet on the chair and my knees pulled to my chest.  Sounds weird but, it helps the pain.  Sitting just kills me.  At least I got a run in this morning.

I snapped a picture of myself after working out yesterday.  Taking a picture in a small bathroom in a mirror while holding a phone is hard to do.  It’s not a very good picture but, I tried.  Only a few days left until I leave for vacation.

I ended my biggest loser competition at 131 pounds.  I am now staying right around 139-141 pounds.  This past week I haven’t done much cardio (blaming my back).  I am still eating relatively well with a few cheats now and then.  Now it’s time to eat my lunch of spinach, cottage cheese, tuna, broccoli slaw, hot sauce and Greek yogurt.

My Lunch

I have a new phone now and can let everyone see what I eat. If I get good at this picture taking thing, hard telling what you may end up seeing in this blog. Just saying.

My Lunch

This is my usual lunch at work. Main course is a spinach salad with cottage cheese, tuna, a lot of hot sauce and a little bit of Balsamic Vinaigrette. Depending on what I have at home I usually throw in some fruit or veges on top too. Today, I had cauliflower. For dessert I go with the Greek yogurt. I have never counted calories. I probably should but, I am just too lazy.

Halfway There – 151.2 LBS

I am halfway done with my competition. I have just recently gotten into this blog thing. It is pretty neat to see that most of the people that are switching to a healthier lifestyle have the same bumps and bruises. I wish I would have measured more things than just weight. I think there will come point that my weight will stay the same (fingers crosses) but, other areas will continue to improve. Although I never measured my waist, I have had to move my belt holes 2 spots today. Maybe it’s because the shirt I have tucked in is thinner or maybe my belt is stretching. I am definitely one notch smaller. I started this on February 20, 2012 at 169.6 pounds. Now I am at….drum roll please….151.2 pounds. That is 18.4 pounds in 6 weeks. I think my wife hates me for it. She says it’s easy for guys to lose weight. I know I have had to work pretty hard for it and sacrificed a lot of eating out too. That’s another reason my wife hates me. We haven’t gone out like we used to. It’s not that I haven’t gone out. We used to go out Friday and Saturday nights and then possibly to a yogurt place or something like that on Sunday. To be honest she has been great and is a big supporter.

I know goals are good to have but, I never really set any up. My goal when I started was to win money by having the most percentage weight loss. I am somewhere around 10%. I think I am in 2nd place. Now, I am going to shift to making some goals. I even listed some on some comments I made on some of the blogs I read.

  1. No Alcohol – (yard work isn’t as much fun anymore)
  2. Drink Water and Green Tea
  3. No Binge Snacking (at night)
  4. Continue a Fast Day
  5. Cardio 5-7 days
  6. Strength 3 days
  7. Find a good banana protein shake

I just noticed how messy this room is. I have kids. Sometimes cleaning up toys in the basement gets pushed way down on my to do list.

Three Weeks – 157.6 LBS

I never got around to putting anything up last week but, I made a note of my numbers. No picture last week but, I will have some up with the numbers this week.

Home – 155 pounds
Official – 157.6 pounds

A total of 12 pounds lost since the beginning.