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Magic Diet?

I have been slacking but, I really have not had much to say.  Yes, I have had 2 workout of the week that I didn’t post so, here they are:

  1. 4 rounds for time:  My time was 10:03.7.
    • Push-ups x 10
    • Squats x 20
    • Alt Leg Raises x 30
    • Jumping Jacks x 40
    • Plank Holds x 50 seconds
  2. 21-15-9 reps for time:  My time was 1:30.8.
    • Jump squats
    • Push ups

I wrote about my wife and Pinterest in this post, Social or Not So Much.  Well she is not quite addicted but, over the weekend she found this on Pinterest, The Military Diet and wants to try it.  It pretty much is 3 days of strict dieting and then 4 days of eating anything within reason.  Has anyone tried it?  It claims you can lose 10 pounds a week.  Normally, I would try it with her because it is always easier to stay on a diet when your significant other is doing it with you.  Ten pounds in a week and you are supposed to eat hotdogs and vanilla ice cream sounds a little too good to be true.  She is all in and I will support her and if she does lose 10 pounds, I will join her eating hotdogs and all.  For now, I will just keep eating my salads, veges, fruit, eggs, chicken, fish, and protein lattes.


Social or Not So Much

My wife’s coworkers are addicted to Pinterest.  I have an account there but, I have no clue how to use it.  The pictures of food look great and I think for her being on the glycemic index count thing maybe Pinterest would be fun for her.  I am selfish.  I would benefit too because if she tries to make something, I get to eat it.

I have all these social media accounts.  Twitter (@kwasson123) is probably my most active one.  I follow more than I tweet.  I have only posted a few things on Facebook and my pictures are probably 10 years old so, that probably makes me more of a stalker.

Like I said before, I am clueless about Pinterest.  I am just not sure I want to lose my wife to an addiction to Pinterest but, I want that food.  So, I am asking the smart people out here to give me some advice on Pinterest.

I know this post has nothing to do with anything so, I will just say I am at work listening to the movie Groundhog Day.  I may watch listen to it over and over again.  Happy February.