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WordPress Notifications

Another quick post. What can I say, I just like quickies. I am relatively new at this smartphone stuff but, I guess I am getting addicted to it (just put it away on dates!). I recently updated my WordPress app. I am not sure if it’s a new feature or if I have my push notification turned on but, whatever it is, I like it. Now, by a little icon on my phone, I know immediately when I get a comment, a response, a like, or a new follower, etc. It doesn’t take me much to get excited so, beware it may end up with a quick response. Just another way this blogging thing makes me feel like everyone is my extended family. Thanks for all that read and put up with me. Just know I will be chatting back with you in almost real time.


A Quickie

I just thought I would post a quickie this morning. I leave for the beach tonight. The forecast is rain and thunderstorms. But I have at least one mom trying to fix the weather for me…THANKS! I have been there before when it has rained. It’s usually a downpour and then the sun comes back out. I am crossing my fingers for that.

Every time I take a vacation, I worry about something. Will the van make it? Will the kids not fight? Will I forget something? Where is my rum? yada yada yada! I was up this morning at 3 am. I couldn’t sleep. So, I decided to go running. That makes it 3 days in a row. My back is feeling much better (maybe because I am worried about other things). I put an app on my phone called Noom CardioTrainer. I am high tech now. I always run for a certain amount of time so, I never really know how far I run. This app kept telling me how far I was and it even tracked me as I ran. It plotted my route on a map. It showed me my times for each mile. If I knew how to take a screen shot picture on my android phone I would show you. Anyway, I found out I run about an 8 minute mile. I burned 765 calories. My average speed is a little over 7 mph and I ran 6.6 miles in a little more than 50 minutes. This was all before 5 o’clock this morning. This smart phone is making me feel smart.