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WOW #2

I have been slacking in my running department lately.  This has to do with me wanting to lift more weights, loving the calf burn from 30 minutes on an elliptical, and just not wanting to run on a treadmill.  Yesterday was gorgeous outside so; I figured I could catch some rays and burn some calories.  I ran almost 5 miles in 45 minutes.  My legs felt like they were full of lead when I stopped running and to think I almost bought a bib to run a 13.1 miler this weekend…so glad I didn’t do that.  I thought I would be able to pick up right where I stopped about a month or two ago.  I feel I am good shape but, maybe starting at 13 miles is a little asinine.

We just got our workout of the week (WOW) from coach.

WOW #2
10 push ups
20 reverse lunges (10 right / 10 left)
30 mountain climbers (total)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Your total score is the number of complete rounds plus the number of reps completed of the exercise you ended on. Example: 7 complete rounds plus 15 reverse lunges.

This made me sweat.  I am not sure how I stack up against everyone else but, seeing as I was dripping wet, it must have been a good workout.  I was able to to do 14 complete rounds plus 25 mountain climbers.  So, close to 15.

Left my sweat in the floor.

Left my sweat on the floor.


Still Bummed

I know some know I have been pretty bummed lately, especially JoAnn at roundtoravishing.  I hurt my back and I have not been able to do any running or Insanity for the last week.  I have gotten to a point that those exercises were a part of me.  I have still been able to lift weights but I like sweating.  I mean dripping.  It makes me feel like I am doing or did something.  I know life isn’t fair but, why does it take so much hard work to get halfway fit and healthy and then to have a setback and it only takes a week to feel “unhealthy”.

On a brighter side, I look relatively good right after I lift weights.  How can I keep that look all of the time?  I was even trying to take a picture of myself posing in the restroom/locker room.  Scary, huh.  Old bummed man with a cell phone camera in a locker room.

Dead Sexy

Done with my first Pure Cardio of Insanity.  I am trying out my new idea of the sexy 80’s head band.  I think I may have a new look. I figured everyone could have a Saturday laugh while I am trying to catch my breath.

Sweat Sexy

A Little Bit Sore

Shaun T is kicking my butt and I think it’s bruised. I have said before I am weird but, I kind of like that muscle soreness that comes a day or two after a new workout. It’s that type of ache like you have a Charlie horse in places…well for me just about everywhere. I have finished day three of Insanity. I have yet to do a whole work out without stopping at some point. This is a crude brief overview how the work out goes. You start with a “warm-up” – I need to do a warm up for Shaun T’s warm-up. Without stopping you do the same warm-up 2 more times both increasing intensity. A 30 second water break is offered after about three minutes or so. That is barely enough to catch my breath let alone get a drink. I think we stretch after that. I am not a stretcher but, I am trying. The older I get the less stretchy I am so, usually, I don’t do it. Then he changes and does a bunch of different stuff (do you like my description…stuff). Always moving your feet, squatting, jumping, touching the ground, types of pushups. This is all new to me so he will yell out a certain move and I have to stare at him while he does it a few times. This is not dancing (I can’t dance either) but, some of these moves need more coordination than I have. So, I am tired, sweating and totally lost at what he is trying to make me do. I guess when you see the people on the TV quitting and walking off it is re-assuring that this is pretty tough and to stop if you need to. Maybe it’s by design but, by the end of the workout, it is going so fast that I forget that I am tired. That has been the work outs so far. Hopefully, I will catch on to the language and I will find some coordination.

I have a feeling I am going to ruin my carpet from all of my sweat. I know pretty gross, huh? I am not sure if it will help or not but, I think I am going to go the sexy route and buy some head and wrist sweat bands.

My competition is coming to the end. I have about 3 weeks left. I am second place….grrrr. I am most likely going to do stupid things to help my numbers drop on the scale. This is the first stupid thing. I am still running 3-8 miles daily and now this Insanity thing daily. I guess I am insane.