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Paper Towels

I think I may have talked about this before.  When I  forget my towel, paper towels come in handy after a workout and a shower at work.  I can’t say they come in handy if I forget my underwear.  It tends to bunch and bind in the wrong places.  What should I do?


4 rounds for time:
25 Double Leg Raises
25 Mountain climbers
25 Russian Twists ( make sure you are touching your hands to the ground each time)

After completing all 4 rounds of the above exercises…50 Burpees

My time was 12:54.6.




Football Game

Last night I was honored to attend the last preseason football game of the Colts with my daughter.  I am thinking I may need to set up a day to post a topic called “Things My Daughter Says”.  If you mention a football game to me, I am excited.  I don’t care what age or where.  I am in.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the Colts game with me.  She says, “Only if I get to wear my jersey and you have to wear your jersey and we get to see the cheerleaders!”.  That little girl sure can twist my arm hard.  The jerseys were a given but, now I had to make sure to see the cheerleaders.  I conceded.  The things I have to do to make people happy.  We lasted a quarter and then had to go see the cheerleaders.  Now she says “I like them.  They get to wear blue bras and show their belly buttons.”  I think I may be in trouble.

She was looking at cotton candy!

On a side note, I went on a run with my wife Saturday morning.  I wore my spandex shorts (first time in the light).  I asked her if I should wear them as is or with shorts over top at the race.  She told me she thinks that they look more like underwear.  WOW, another thing I have to be thinking about.  I might be that guy running in his underwear while thinking that he is running in spandex running shorts.  That guy is a dork.  She said it because they are black with some white stitching.  The white stitching, she said, made it look like underwear.  I think that fixed my problem.  I am wearing shorts over them for the race.  Now I can move on to something else to worry about.  Will I find the place?  Should I wear a radio? What if I get there too early or too late?  I am not right.