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I started my lonely blog as a way to chronologically track my progress  in my Biggest Loser Competition.  On those lines it worked to help keep me motivated.  I mean I was posting half naked pictures of myself for the whole world to see, as if the world cared about my blog.  Anyway, I am done with the competition and I did end up winning $170 which is more than enough to take all of my great followers out to lunch.  Maybe I just made that up and all the money is gone now.  My last weigh-in recorded me at 131 pounds.  I hadn’t seen the 130’s in…actually I was probably in middle school or starting high school and I never weighed myself so, I am not sure I had EVER seen that number.

Using my scale’s fat percentage number as a reference, I went from 22 % to 12 % body fat.  I was doing about 2 hours’ worth of cardio every day and restricting my food intake probably to an unhealthy level but, like I said all along, it’s a competition not a lifestyle change.  During the competition, I learned of healthy lifestyle changes and now I am adjusting my learnings to my everyday health.

Now I have added a weight training to replace one of my cardio trainings.  And since I have a fancy phone I have been able to log my runs using an app called CardioTrainer.  In less than a month I have run over 100 miles.  I have also put on 10 pounds of muscle.

I used this picture earlier. It’s about 2 weeks after the Biggest Loser Competition.

Actually, it’s not 10 pounds of muscle.  It is that I am now hydrated with a little bit of muscle added.  My weight now fluctuates between 142 and 144 pounds at 14-15% body fat.    I think it’s a head thing.  I want to cut weight but, still gain muscle.  I am eating quite a bit of protein to help gain muscle.  I am also taking Creatine, a naturally amino acid found in muscles.  I am not expert on that but it helps give muscles potential to grow.  This supplemented creatine causes extra fluid so; it’s not uncommon to gain 4-6 pounds in a week.

This is what I am doing now.  I am TRYING to eat clean but, I love junk food.  I am also going to try out a 100 pushup challenge with my oldest son.   So, my posts will differ a little by not so much me posting about my weight loss and progress to more of my weird or plain daily life.

One more thing…I ate my first tomato from my garden yesterday.

My Garden

It doesn’t look like this anymore. They plants are about 6 feet now.


Final – 131.0 LBS

I am done with my work’s Biggest Loser Competition.  The results are in.  I won the men’s most percent loss at 22.76 %.  That equates to a 38.6 pound loss over a 3 month period.  I am impressed.  It’s one of those things I knew I wanted to try and thought I could do it and I did.  I said back on day one that my goal was to be the winner of the biggest percentage.  I was going up against some bigger people so my thought is that I don’t have as many pounds as they have to lose.  I did end up coming in 3rd with the total number of pounds lost.  I have been neglecting posting my progress pictures but I took one Friday morning.

I will post a few more times about my struggles and my plans and update my progress page but, I wanted to get this out there before I forget.  I know this last weigh in was a lot of water loss but, don’t scold me.  This was a competition so my goal this past week was a low number and I think 131.0 pounds is pretty low.

Home     131.0 pounds
Official    131.0 pounds

Tricks used last week:
1. Insanity (still)
2. No Cheating (still)
3. No Adding Salt – I am a saltoholic. (still)
4. Shorts – as opposed to jeans (still)

New Ones:

  1. Watermelon (2 lbs) and Asparagus (2 lbs) only on Thursday – supposed to be diuretic
  2. Light T-shirt (no collared shirt)
  3. Commando – talking about weird showing up at work with no underwear, but then again…never mind that is for another blog.
  4. Exercised the morning of weigh in.  I ran 4 miles at 4 am.  Told you I am weird.

And by the way…Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom out here.

Chobani Yogurt

During my competition I have given up quite a bit.  Almost every day for lunch I have a Chobani Fat Free Greek Yogurt.  These are the ones with the fruit on the bottom.  Most of them have 19–21g of sugars.  I don’t stir and I don’t eat the fruit on the bottom.  Some of the flavor gets mixed in during processing, shipping and eating so it tastes a lot better than plain.  I wonder how much of the 19-21g of sugar I am giving up on the bottom of the cup.  It’s pretty amazing how easily the fruit and juice separates from the yogurt.  I guess I just like playing with my food.  See I am really weird.

This would be a good place to add a picture of my almost empty yogurt cup showing the remains of the raspberry juices.  I am old.  I have a flip phone with no camera and I still don’t text.  So, just imagine the picture.



It doesn’t take long to get addicted to this blogosphere stuff.  I thought getting a workout in was challenging during the day with work, family, kids, baseball, cub scouts, football, gymnastics, homework, etc.  Now I am addicted to blogs.  I love seeing what everyone is doing.  I like the little tips on how people are able to meet their goals with a busy life like mine.  I like to show people I am hitting my goals along with everyone’s help here.  This is how bad it has gotten.  I sit at work with my personal email open.  When someone I follow posts something, I get notified.  I immediately go and read it.  If I can relate to the topic I give my 2 cents worth of a worthless comment.  I know it is weird but it is kind of like knowing and caring for a ton of people I don’t really know.  While I am there I have to check out my stats, of course I want everyone to stop by, enlighten me, encourage me, and even bash me (I’m a big boy I can handle it).  I want to post something on my blog but, sometimes I run out of time.  I am walking a thin line on blogging during work time and that is a no no.  So, I really need an intervention to stop me before I get fired.  I guess then I would have all sort of time to do this but, I doubt my wife would like that.  So, I am going to try to ease off watching my personal emails come in.  I am going to try to get caught up at night when my family sleeps.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for being with me.  I love you all!  And a good night.  That was my rock star ending.  Did I mention that I am weird?