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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Week 5 -153.8 LBS

This was a good week. I still think it was a faulty scale read last week but, it all averages out. I lost 3.4 pounds. That isn’t what my home weight measurement showed. At home, I measured losing a pound from last week. I think that kind of confirms the official weigh-in being a little messed up last week. I am happy about it. I have started doing some weight exercises along with some cardio. I also, read an article by the famous Dr. Oz about 7-Keto. Being older I have found I can’t eat what I used to. I went into GNC and they explained to me that 7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA. DHEA helps to retard the effects of aging and promotes enhanced longevity, exerting a multitude of effects through its conversion to some 150 metabolites, 7-Keto being one, each with unique actions within the body. DHEA raises testosterone levels where as, 7-Keto does not. 7-Keto is the metabolite of DHEA that helps burn fat and increases immunity. I am taking one pill of 25 mg of DHEA because GNC did not have 7-Keto. When I run out of DHEA, I will buy 7-Keto. The increase of testosterone from DHEA may feed any unknown tumors I may have. After a week I haven’t felt any different. But here are my numbers.

Home – 152.5 lbs
Official – 153.8 lbs
Lunch – 152.5 lbs


One Third In the Books – 157.2 LBS

Today was a disappointing weigh-in day. I knew I would hit a plateau at some point or points during this but I guess I was hoping that I wouldn’t see it. I have been trying really hard to behave and eat right and exercise daily. I can do better in the eating right department. I have been snacking on jelly beans not a lot but I guess it doesn’t take much. I also have been hitting the jar of nuts a little too much. Nuts do have their benefits and are a healthy snack but, eating too much of anything can be bad. I can get better at that. I also read an article about fasting one day a week (they actually said Thursday). Supposedly, this helps retrain the body to burn stored energy. I was actually impressed I managed to not consume anything on Wednesday. So, I thought I was heading for a decent week for my weight. By the way I still think I had a bad scale reading. My official weight was 157.2 pounds. Down 0.4 pounds but, when I weighed myself at home naked, after the shower, I was 1.5 pounds lighter than my previous post shower weight.

Home – 153.5 lbs
Official – 157.2 lbs
Lunch – 155.5 lbs

Up until this point I have been running every day. The past two weeks 4 miles per day. I figured as soon as I hit a plateau, I would change my exercise. I am going to add 3 days of high intensity total body weight lifting along with 4 days of running. My plan is to try this for one or two weeks and adjust accordingly. I am really bummed for only registering the 0.4 pound loss. Man I wish I could eat a pizza. Until Next week…shooting for 2 pounds!

Three Weeks – 157.6 LBS

I never got around to putting anything up last week but, I made a note of my numbers. No picture last week but, I will have some up with the numbers this week.

Home – 155 pounds
Official – 157.6 pounds

A total of 12 pounds lost since the beginning.

Two Weeks In – 159.8 LBS

Well two weeks into it and the eating temptation is getting a little easier. I am running 4 miles a day now but, I have neglected any type of weight training. One of these days maybe I will get to that. I am going to have to once I hit my plateau. I am down another 3.2 pounds bringing my total to 9.8 pounds. Monday, I broke down and ate some pizza. I didn’t go crazy with it but still made me feel guilty.

Home – 157 lbs
Official – 159.8 lbs
Lunch – 159 lbs

One Week Down 163 LBS

Well we had our first weigh-in.  I am happy with what I lost.  I dropped 6.6 pounds.  I know this won’t and shouldn’t be the norm.  I am shooting for around 2 pounds a week.  I have a feeling this week will be hard.  My first weight was a bit inflated.  I ate and drank a lot before weighing in. Here are my numbers for this week.  I am adding a number for my scales I use at home. 

Home – 159.5 lbs
Official – 163 lbs   
Lunch – 160.5 lbs. 

I was able to run 6 out of 7 nights about 3 miles per night but, I only body weight exercised 2 times.

I was a little slow to get this post up.  I weighed myself at lunch today, Wednesday 2/29/2012 and it was 159.5