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Does it mean I have a problem when my 5:00 am Kettlebell Bootcamp gets cancelled and I am totally bummed out?

My “training”, (opposed to class or workouts) because coach thinks he is training athletes, is held at the local high school.  We had some snow and ice making the school opening delay for 2 hours in the morning.  This means no bootcamp.  The reason for the most part is so the parking lots can get treated and plowed for the kids when they get to school.  Most people would be happy to sleep in.  I am upset mainly because this throws off my schedule.  I have posted about this before I am the definition of creature of habit.  You mess up one thing and I am lost for the day.  I still plan on working out during lunch unless, since my morning was messed up, I decide to go out for lunch (resist the urge).  I just like my full body, sweating, lung hurting training in the morning.  It wasn’t long ago that I would have never said that.

  1. Anyone else feel the same way about liking the fun in hard exercise?
  2. Anyone else get thrown out of whack when their schedule changes?





Today is Lose It Big’s first blogoversary.  I started this blog a year ago as an online diary of a weight loss competition I entered at work.   Here is my first post (The Journey Begins 169.6 lbs) and not one comment (boo).  During the time of our Biggest Loser Competition, my posts were simply a recap of the previous week, my weight, and a picture of me.    Although I still despise pictures of me, I am able to look back and see the changes I made in pictures which is a big inspiration in itself.   I finished my competition a winner by losing almost 23% of my weight check it out (Final – 131.0 LBS).

Why do I keep blogging?

After blogging about my competition, I kind of got hooked on this blogging thing.   I am in no means any sort of expert in exercise or diet.  I found out that if I push myself with exercise and eating healthy that I could change my appearance.  I found that I really like lifting weights and running.  I found that I like eating all sorts of food that I read people talk about on their blogs.  I found that I like the friends that read my blog and that I follow.  I found that we all have the same day to day life struggles with family, work, exercise, and time.  I also found my lowest weight is not my normal weight…I like eating way too much.

The later part of Lose It Big has kind of just been a hodge podge of sometimes boring life.  I am still big into exercise and eating.  Every once in a while, I will post my workout or maybe what I eat.   I have even talked about some of my crazy kids.   I have (and probably again) posted under the influence of Captain Morgan.

I rarely weigh myself anymore but, as of this morning I am 149 pounds.  In a month I will be heading to Florida for spring break so, I guess I need to work on getting back into my speedo.


Now onto the fun stuff.  Over the past few weeks a few bloggers have nominated me for an Inspirational Blogger award.  I know I am taking the easy way out of this by just writing it in one post but, at least I am getting around to it.  I follow all of these blogs and they are more of an inspiration to me than I can be to anyone but, I thank you all for thinking I can be a little bit of an inspiration.

Here are the rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself (things you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask)
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

We Shall Have Pie…2 Girls running for pride and pie
FitBit’s blog…For all things fitness, nutrition, and positivity related
ErinHasThoughts (and some are really out there)
It has begun, Challenge 2013

Check them out.  You will see they all have a common theme…Food and Exercise

Things about me

  1. I love cooking but, I hate doing dishes…those conflict
  2. My attention span is worse than a child’s…Look squirrel.
  3.  If time wasn’t an issue I could run all day…I am serious.  I have gotten lost while running. I think it relates to number 2.  I forgot I was running.
  4. My favorite movies are Dumb and Dumber and Vacation…I listen to them at work at least once a week.
  5. When I say I am going to do something, I mean it…See my Biggest Loser Competition and now I am about 2 months into daily reading the New Testament.
  6. I am a huge sports fan.  My favorite teams are Indiana University and the Indianapolis Colts.
  7. It hurts me so bad to watch my sons struggle in sports…sports are natural to me so, why can’t they get it.

My Nominations

I follow so many great blogs.  I have decided to nominate some the newer blogs I have started following.

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Just Say No

Every once in a while we tend to stock up on some munchies at work.  A little here and a little there adds up throughout the day, week, and months and it’s really bad because I like peanut butter pretzels, animal crackers, cheese puffs,cheez-its, and chocolate covered pretzels.  At least there are pistachios in the stack of temptations.  I have made a commitment to do this  “Totally Fit Life” program.  I am saying “NO” to it all.



Instead I am drinking my protein shake, eating a couple of hard-boiled eggs throughout the morning and eating this great salad of turkey breast, red peppers, cucumbers and hot salsa as the dressing.  After my afternoon workout, I have another protein shake.  For an afternoon snack I have a fruit.  This week it is a grapefruit.  Sometime I eat chobani greek yogurt.  That is my usual day of eating at work.





Following My Wife

So, my wife and I have made it through the first part of the “Totally Fit Life” program.  This program is being hosted at a local church.  We are not actually paying for the program.  We are just following some of my wife’s co-workers who are in the program.  So, pretty much I am just following what my wife says.  I am such a good hubby.  This program is more than just a diet.  It’s about a lifestyle change building on faith, diet and exercise.

The diet portion uses the glycemic index.  Which is kind hard to compute but, I figured out is pretty much no sugar and low carb (but good ones).  They give you a chart with three columns the first column is green (low GI).  The second column is yellow (medium GI).  The last column is red (high GI).  As you can imagine the foods in the green are good to go, yellow food caution, and the red foods you should stop and think before you eat them.   This first part we were to stay in the green.  I pretty much had eggs, fish, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peppers, onions, chick peas, beans, mushrooms, protein powder and water.  I should have taken a picture of my dinner or lunch.

The exercise portion they wanted you to work out 10 days straight.  I am not real sure why exactly but, maybe this was just to get you used to working out or getting into a habit of exercising or of a way of not thinking about eating sugar.  I changed my workouts up some.  I love running not really because it’s good for me but, just because I like to see, smell, and feel the outside.  That being said the treadmill has gotten a bit old.  So, now on top of my Kettlebell Bootcamp for total body workouts, I am doing an elliptical machine for a fast 20 minutes and then strength training one part of my body per day for 20 minutes.

The faith part of the program I really have no idea what they are doing for this.  They might meet for devotion or something before they have the group work out.  I am not sure.  I am still keeping up with my daily reading of the New Testament.  I just finished reading about when the Son of Man is going to come back riding the clouds of heaven with all of his angels.  It sounds pretty scary but, I and ready and will have my camera.

Speaking of a camera, do you know how hard it is to try to take pictures of yourself with a four year old wanting to know WHY?  Why do you have your shirt off?  Why does the camera keep going off?  Why do you keep deleting the pictures?  Why can’t I be in the pictures?  Sometimes, you just can’t win.  I am better taking pictures when I am messing around as opposed to self-posing.

IMG_4383 IMG_4382

After the first round of the program I lost 4 pounds.  I am down to 151 pounds.  I will just keep following what my wife says and see where this ends up.  Sorry, I ramble a lot.

Phase 1

Kettlebell Workout – 6 minutes each exercise (40 seconds on 20 seconds off)

  1. Squats
  2. Snatch (20 seconds per arm)
  3. Figure 8 Swings
  4. Press (20 seconds per arm)
  5. Swings

I used a 25 pound kettlebell for the first 5 minutes then used a 35 pounder the last one.

Finisher – 5 minutes each

  1. Battling Ropes
  2. Assorted Abs

I am just about done with the first phase of my “diet”.  My boys call it a diet because we wouldn’t go out to eat at BW3’s and didn’t have any fun stuff to eat during the Super Bowl.  To me it really isn’t a diet.  This program follows a low glycemic index food type of eating which in turns to be my normal way of eating.  I have stayed honest and not had any sugar and other types of bad carbs.  That is where the word “diet” really comes into play.  When I know I am to follow a strict guideline I don’t cheat.  Normally, I would have eaten that last bite of corn dog or would have had a cup of the kids’ sugar, fat, and fruit loaded smoothie they made for the game.  Now I just threw it away.  Since I am doing this with my wife, we both said no.

Along with this diet we are supposed to workout 10 days straight to go along with the low GI foods.  Again, this is not really new to me except I usually take Sunday off.  Sundays are my days to get caught up on laundry and a little (very little) house cleaning.  Since I am following a “Totally Fit Life” program, I dug out one of my Insanity videos.  Again, this kicked my butt.  A perfect photo op of me dying in a soaking wet shirt.  I am a horrible picture taking person.  When I weigh in after my 1st phase, I promise to post a picture just in case you forgot what my ugly mug looks like.

Social or Not So Much

My wife’s coworkers are addicted to Pinterest.  I have an account there but, I have no clue how to use it.  The pictures of food look great and I think for her being on the glycemic index count thing maybe Pinterest would be fun for her.  I am selfish.  I would benefit too because if she tries to make something, I get to eat it.

I have all these social media accounts.  Twitter (@kwasson123) is probably my most active one.  I follow more than I tweet.  I have only posted a few things on Facebook and my pictures are probably 10 years old so, that probably makes me more of a stalker.

Like I said before, I am clueless about Pinterest.  I am just not sure I want to lose my wife to an addiction to Pinterest but, I want that food.  So, I am asking the smart people out here to give me some advice on Pinterest.

I know this post has nothing to do with anything so, I will just say I am at work listening to the movie Groundhog Day.  I may watch listen to it over and over again.  Happy February.